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FFT 3010 & FFT 3030 EMI Test Receivers

AFJ Technology FFT 3010 & FFT 3030 EMI TEST RECEIVERS

Fully FFT digital EMI Receivers for measurement of conducted electromagnetic interference from 9kHz to 300MHz
AFJ Instruments FFT3030 EMI Receiver 9KHz - 300MHzFFT 3010 & 3030 EMI TEST RECEIVERS
Based on a PC integrated architecture with WINDOWS 10 Embedded OS, FFT 3010 & 3030 EMI Receivers are ready to operate with advanced software for EMC testing, fitted with pre-selectors that allow excellent dynamic range and precise conducted emission measurements covering the frequency range from 9kHz to 300MHz. Remote control with an external PC is also possible.
Optimized easy-to-use EMI measurement concept. Fitted with the internal pre-selector/ preamplifier AFJ FFT 3010 & 3030 units feature an excellent dynamic range and are, therefore, able to perform precise EMC tests. Measurements to commercial EMI International, European and Product standards, shall be carried out directly by comparing the EMI spectrum with the associated limit lines and switching on the appropriate detectors.
◆ FFT Scan Mode
◆ Peak, Quasi-Peak, CISPR Average, RMS
and CISPR RMS numerical detectors
◆ Automatic attenuation insertion in case of saturation condition during measurement sweep
◆ Precise digital overload detector to
avoid saturation effects during analyzing function
◆ Correct pulse weighting to CISPR 16-1-1
from PRF of 1Hz
◆ High measurement speed and fast detection of critical frequencies (dwell time down to 1msec)
◆ High sensitivity
◆ Large-signal immunity
◆ Low measurement uncertainty
◆ High measurement speed
◆ Correction values for cables loss, attenuator/amplifier, coupling networks, GTEM correction and
antenna factors
◆ Integrated signal generator
◆ 10MHz External reference frequency
◆ Software option for AM / FM / WBFM
digital demodulations
FFT 3010 & 3030 EMI Receivers fully comply with CISPR 16-1-1. The response of Quasi-Peak Detector in terms of both absolute calibration and relative calibration lays between the tolerances of CISPR 16-1-1. The pulse weighting conformity meets down to the minimum value of the Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) coming from the DUT, of 1Hz.
The FFT Scan Mode is compliant to CISPR 16-3.
Accuracy and reproducibility are key parameters for AFJ FFT 3010 & 3030 EMI Receiver application.


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