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EMC Test Design, LLC
Mission Statement


EMC Test Design, LLC believes that in our modern society that is filled with wireless communication, people should have full control of their electromagnetic environment.
This is to ensure their health and safety, while maintaining the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices.
EMC Test Design creates state of the art test instrument which empower our customers to measure the electromagnetic fields that they may be exposed to, anytime, anywhere.

The EMC Test Design products:
• EMC Test Design Smart Fieldmeters®
• Isotropic Omnifield Antennas®
• Isotropic Pulsed and Broadband Electric Field Probes
• Analyzers

All have an advanced design, are simple to use and offer a great value for the customers.

All EMC Test Design, LLC products are invented, designed and built in the United States of America.

About EMC Test Design, LLC

EMC Test Design, LLC is a company created and driven by a group of professionals with background in RF, Analog and Digital Electronics with particular expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

EMC Test Design designs electronic products for EMC testing and offer custom solutions for in-house EMC testing and pre-qualification.
EMC Test Design, LLC has been serving the EMC needs of EMC customers since 1992.


Main Applications of EMC Test Design Products:
1. RF safety and regulatory.
2. Research, scientific, medical.
3. Industrial, military.
4. EMC pre-compliance.



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Video 1: EMC Test Design, LLC introduces Smart Fieldmeter® product Video 1: EMC Test Design, LLC introduces Smart Fieldmeter® product.

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