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Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products
HILO-TEST Miscellaneous Products
HCC Capacitor charger
HCS 3-30 Capacitor Discharge Test Setup
IPG 250 Pulse generator
IT 5413 High-Voltage Impulse Transformer
IT 5425 Impulse Transformer
MCT 5004 Multi Channel Trigger Unit
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TEM 2000 Measuring Cell
USD 3801 & USD 3802 Ultrasonic Detectors
HILO-TEST Miscellaneous Products
In this category you will find devices that cannot be clearly assigned to a product category.
IPG 250 Pulse generator
IPG 250 Pulse generator


• Pulse generator
• Measuring the step response
• Different operational modes
The pulse generator IPG 250 is designed for measuring the step response of high-impedance networks, for instance voltage dividers, oscilloscope probes etc. The generator excels by calibrated adjustment of output amplitude, short rise time and flat pulse top. The output pulse amplitude can be adjusted by use of a 10-turn potentiometer from 0 to 250 V. Positive and negative polarity can be selected.



HCC Capacitor charger


• Capacitor charger
• 5" touch control unit
The HCC consists essentially of a control unit, a capacitor charger and other auxiliary equipment for the operation of generators.



HCS 3-30 Capacitor Discharge Test Setup

• Capacitor discharge test setup
• Loading voltage: 3 kV
• Current amplitude: 2 x 15 kA
• optical pulse triggering
The surge current testing device HCS 3-30 is used for surge current testing of capacitor windings. The capacitor to be tested is on an adjustable voltage, 0,005 - 3000 V, charged and then discharged via a triggerable switch.



IT 5413 High-Voltage Impulse Transformer
IT 5413 high-voltage impulse transformer


• Impulse transformer
• Triggering spark gaps
• Input: 400 Vs
• Output: 40 kVs
The high-voltage impulse transformer IT 5413 is designed for triggering spark gaps, flash lamps etc. Typical applications are high-voltage impulse technology, laser- and plasma physics.



IT 5425 Impulse Transformer
IT 5425 Impulse transformer


• Impulse transformer
• Triggering spark gaps
• Input: 400 Vs
• Output: 2000 Vs
The impulse transformer IT 5425 and the transformer modules TM 410 and TM 510 are suitable for triggering Ignitrons. The impulse transformer IT 5425 has a high insulating voltage between primary and secondary. It can be used with 10 kV= working voltage.



USD 3801 & USD 3802 Ultrasonic Detectors
USD 3801 & USD 3802 ultrasonic detectors


• Ultrasonic detectors
• with optical sight
External partial discharges at high-voltage electrodes (corona) possess an acoustic spectrum, which extends to the ultrasonic region. Because of the strong directivity of high frequency sound waves, ultrasonic detectors do not only allow detection, but also the localization of corona discharges, for instance, in switch yards, high-voltage test set-ups or transmission lines. The ultrasonic detector USD 38O1/38O2 operates at a frequency of approx. 33 kHz that is particularly suitable for external partial discharge detection. The combination of a highly directional ultrasonic microphone and a parabolic reflector system allows an exceptional directivity of the acoustic sensitivity. The microphone output signal is picked up by a selective amplifier and transformed into an audible signal. This allows a simple evaluation of the partial discharge intensity by headphones.


TEM 2000 Measuring Cell
TEM 2000 Measuring Cell


• TEM - Measuring Cell
• Measuring dynamic: 80 dB
• Frequency range: 0.01 - 1000 MHz
• Wave resistance: 50 Ω
The TEM – Measuring Cell TEM -2000 permits the measurement of the screening attenuation of electrical conducting plastics, conducting laminated plastics, screening materials and braids.



MCT 5004 Multi Channel Trigger Unit
MCT 5004 Multi channel trigger unit


• Multi channel trigger unit
• 4 channels
• delay time for each channel, adjustable
The trigger module generate impulse voltage with peak value of up to 500 V. They are designed for triggering spark gaps, ignitrons, thyratrons etc. using suitable trigger transformers. Rise time of output voltage is less than 200 ns. Low-inductance capacitors and special semiconductor switch allow short circuit current up to 200 A. The output of the trigger module is short-circuit-proof. Single shot or repetitive triggering can be achieved. The several types available differ concerning stored energy and max. repetition rate.



Miscellaneous Products Downloads
Data Sheet
High voltage power supplies, Capacitor charging units
HSN ***
High voltage switch mode power supplies
HCN ***
Capacitor charging units
HVG *** S
Precision high voltage power supplies with series regulator
Trigger Modules 
TMS 2403,
TMS 2404,
TMS 2405,
TMS 2406
Trigger module
MCT 5002, MCT 5004
Multi channel trigger unit
Trigger transformers
IT 5413
Trigger transformers for ignitions
TS 410, TS 510, IT 5425
Trigger transformer for spark gaps
STT 250
Anti interference isolating transformer
ITT 250-20
Isolating transformer
HS 10...HS 50
High voltage ground switch
USD 3801/3802
Ultrasonic detector for e.g. partial discharge
TEM 2000
TEM Test cell


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