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WSM Type AC/DC Current-Viewing Resistors
ISM Current-Viewing-Resistors
SCK 105 Surge Calibration Kit


HILO-TEST WSM alternating current measuring resistors have significantly better high-frequency transmission characteristics when compared with traditional direct current shunt resistors with coaxial voltage tap. This is do to the very complicated structural design of the active part of the WSM products.
ISM pulse current measuring resistors allow the metrological recording of the time curve of fast current changes with large amplitude in the nanosecond range. The ISM products are designed to measure pulse current with broadband oscilloscopes.


WSM Type AC/DC Current-Viewing Resistors
WSM type AC/DC current-Viewing resistors


• Current-viewing resistors
WSM type AC/DC current-Viewing resistors are designed for precise measurement of pulsed AC and DC currents, for instance in industrial drives, pulsed welders and plasma physics apparatuses. Moreover they are employed in short-circuit test facilities, measurement of start currents of fuel engines etc.


ISM Current-Viewing-Resistors
ISM Current-viewing-resistors


• Current-viewing-resistors
Current-viewing-resistors Series ISM allow precise measurement of peak value and waveform of fast rise time current pulses. They excel by high bandwidth, low rise time and high accuracy of resistance value. Below their upper frequency limit (-3 dB), the current-viewing-resistors ISM behave like pure DC resistors with frequency independent resistance value. Because of their double coaxial design current-viewing-resistors ISM are not susceptible to noise and electromagnetic interference.
SCK 105 Surge Calibration Kit (Part Number 5302005)
• Surge Calibration Kit
• Input voltage: 12kV
• Ratio: 1000:1
• Bandwidth: 10MHz
The Surge Calibration Kit has been designed to measure the pulse output voltage and the pulse output current of surge generators, e.g. a combination wave generator. It essentially consists of a pulse voltage divider, a pulse current measuring resistor and a double shielded coaxial cable.
Data Sheet
Current measuring resistors for high pulse currents
Current measuring resistors for high ac currents


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