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Kapteos is targeting the following applications where their products and services would be of interest to the relevant organization.


Antennas - Measurement of Electric Fields Emitted by Antennas

The measurement of electric fields emitted by antennas requires near fields measurement with a very wide frequency bandwidth.
The measured electric field must contain the amplitude and phase of each component (or axis) of the field vector.
The eoProbe can measure all the frequencies at once. No need to change!

Example of specific projects:
Mappings of horn antennas or other shapes of antennas

Application Note: Antennas Pattern Characterization

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Antenna - near field antenna pattern characterization

Kapteos is now offering a comprehensive system to perform in-house antenna pattern characterization for our customers or to sell a customized system adapted to our customer’s needs.
Thanks to the electrooptic technology used in our probes, we offer a unique solution:
• E-Field measurement system
• Cartesian robot
• Vector Network Analyzer if required
• Software to obtain automatically the antenna pattern
Application Note: Near Field Antenna Pattern Characterization


How do we operate?
STEP 1 The probe is placed few mm away from the antenna. In practice, there is no limitation in terms of antenna size. The Cartesian robot is moving the probe on a single plane (2D E-field mapping).
KAPTEOS-EMF-probe-near-field-horn-antenna-pattern-cartesian-pathAt each position, the Vector Network Analyzer measures the field strength and its phase.
KAPTEOS-strength-near-field-antenna-pattern-characterizationMODULUS (raw data)


KAPTEOS-phase-near-field-antenna-pattern-characterizationPHASE (raw data)
From the raw data (field strength and phase) at each position of the probe, the software operates a near to far field transformation.
In our case, there is no pre-treatment, no post-treatment, no de-embedding in order to compensate probe interference or setup artefact as our probes are full none interfering. The software operates just the near to far field transformation, no more no less!
With Kapteos you get a fully open-system with no hidden algorithms.
In the example below, we obtain the pattern of the Narda ATM 51-442-6 horn antenna used in the above setup.
We provide the E plane and the H plane antenna radiations.


Black dotted line is the manufacturer data (typical values)
Red solid line is ElectroMagnetics simulation performed by HFSS software (in collaboration with IMEP-LAHC lab Savoie-Mt-Blanc University)
Blue solid line is the radiation pattern extracted from near field mapping



Red solid line is ElectroMagnetics simulation performed by HFSS software (in collaboration with IMEP-LAHC lab Savoie-Mt-Blanc University)
Blue solid line is the radiation pattern extracted from near field mapping


The system is dedicated to the customers’ needs.
However the following main specifications could be mentioned:
• From few hundreds of MHz to more than 100 GHz
• Easy operation with fast results (mapping may be less than 15 minutes)
• Comprehensive system, all included

Application Note: Near Field Antenna Pattern Characterization


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Automotive Short-Range Radar and 5G Applications

Kapteos offers vector absolute E-field measurement systems up to 100 GHz. These high-end systems meet the increasing frequencies requirements of 5G projects and auto radars

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EMC - Measurement of E-Fields in Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)

The EMC is a vast subject that covers many applications like variable speed drives, solar or windmills inverters, uninterpretable power supplies (UPS), welding, railways, mining, marine, aircraft, … When it comes to the investigations of root causes of malfunctions (design phase or during normal operation), the very compact design of the eoProbe sensor is very useful for a rapid diagnostic.

Example of specific projects:
Electric field mapping of a bus bar inside an electrical network infra-structure
Measurement of perturbations on a catenary bus bar linked to contacts between pantographe and catenary.

Application Note: Measurement of E-fields in Electro Magnetic Compatibility

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EMP - Time-resolved absolute measurements of giant Electromagnetic Pulses

Kapteos has performed a test using a prototype probe to measure a magnetic field induced by a rail gun system. This magnetic probe could measure H-Field up to few MA/m from 40 Hz to 50 kHz. This is typically a military application.

Application Note: Time-resolved absolute measurements by electro-optic effect of giant electromagnetic pulses due to laser-plsma interaction in nanosecond regime
Presentation: Measurement of giant EMP generated by intense laser matter interaction

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HV - Measurement of E-fields in medium and High Voltage (HV)

The measurement of electric fields in medium or high voltage systems or components allows to analyze defects like partial discharges and aging of components and also exposition of people to electric fields. The eoProbe is fully insulated, hence can be used in these specific conditions.

Example of specific projects:
25kV cable degradation analysis
Electric field mapping of a 25kV insulator with partial discharges analysis
Analysis of partial and total discharges of a medium voltage system
2D E-field mapping on a HV busbar
E-field mapping on 3-phase cable splices at 6.6 kV

Application Note: High voltage (insulation, partial discharges…)
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MRI - Measuring the E-Fields produced by an MRI Machine

Measuring the exposure of people to electromagnetic fields from an MRI. The radio frequencies field analysis is required with a very high spatial resolution. The measure must be performed under a magnetic field of 3 or 4.7 Tesla depending on the MRI model.

The eoProbe can measure the harsh electromagnetic environment produced by an MRI machine without any issues.

Example of specific projects:
Measurement tests of electric fields under 3 and 4.7 Tesla
Vectorial E-field mapping inside a phantom exposed to 100 MHz EM waves generated by an hyperthermia applicator inside a MRI machine

Application Note: Measuring the E-Fields produced by an MRI Machine

In some cases, it is necessary to measure a low rms signal from the MRI machine. Using specific parameters of a spectrum analyzer, it is still possible to measure this low rms signal in time domain.

Application Note: Measuring Low RMS signal from a MRI Machine
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Plasa - Measurement of E-fields inside Plasma

It concerns the measurements of very strong electric field (kV/m to MV/m) in order to ionize a gas containing charged particles.
The measure of this field must be physically very close (few millimeters or less for cold plasma to tens of centimeters for hot plasmas) and very localized.
The Kapteos solution is a unique solution and widely validated by extensive testings.

Example of specific projects:
In-situ plasma mappings with different environments such as biological or magnetic
Absolute measurements of electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) generated by laser-plasma interaction in nanosecond regime
Measurement of penetration depth of the plasma E-field inside biological liquids

Application Note: Measuring the Magnetic Fields required to produce Cold Plasma


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SAR - Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) assessment

The Specific Absorption Rate assessment measures the exposition of electric fields on people. These measurements are based on standards and must be now performed inside a phantom (new European directive). The eoProbe can be used in any liquids and complies with this new directive.
KAPTEOS_SAS_E-fields in bilogical environment Specific Absorption Rate SAR assessment with phantom
Example of specific projects:

Measuring infantrymen exposure to electric fields from military communication antennas

Application Note: Specific Absorption Rate Assessment


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