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Conductive Reference Source CRS+

The CRS+ from Laplace Instruments is a stable and calibrated source of signals which cover the 9KHz - 30MHz frequency range. The fundamental signal is a 15KHz comb and each harmonic is output as a narrow band peak of known amplitude. This signal is output on either the L and N lines, referenced to ground. A switch provides on/off and line selection.
Output is via an IEC socket, and each CRS+ includes a short adapter cable for connection to either UK, US or Euro mains sockets. The preferred type should be indicated with any order. Other adapter cables can be provided on request. Power is provided by internal batteries. The CRS+ is safe for use even if the mains socket on the LISN is live.

Key Points

· Very quick and easy to use
· Can be used with any standard conducted emissions test system
· Traceable output level for complete integrity
· Cable adapters for any standard mains output socket
CRS+ is an optional extra for the following products:
- LISN & Voltage Probes
- Emissions Reference Source (ERS)
CRS+ appears in the following kits:
- RFC- conducted emissions kit (optional for this kit)

Associated Downloads

Laplace Instruments CRS+ Users Manual User manual - CRS+ - User manual for the Conducted Reference Source
Laplace Instruments CRS+ Data Sheet Conducted reference source - Data sheet
Laplace Instruments Demonstrating the CRS+Laplace Instruments Demonstrating the CRS+
Front view

Rear view

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