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ALECS Automated Luminance Emissions Compliance System
Antennas for EMC Testing
· · RF200 Broadband EMC Log Periodic Antenna
· · RF230 Broadband EMC Log Periodic Antenna
· · RF300 Large Loop Antenna
· · CDN - Coupler-Decoupler Networks
· · Current CDNs for Screened Cable
· · Current CDNs for Unscreened Cable
· · High Current Coupler Decoupler Network - S46M5 9

· · CDNEs for CISPR15 and CISPR16 Testing
Clean Power Source - AC1000A
CLIENTS (Combined Laplace Immunity & EmissioNs Test System)
Conducted Immunity Test Solutions - IEC6100-4-6
Conductive Emission Test Solutions
Conductive Reference Source - CRS+
Emission Reference Source - ERS
Field Probes
· · RF600 FM Band Filter
· · RF700 30Mhz High Pass Filter
· · RF800 Band Pass Filter
Harmonic & Flicker Analyzer - AC2000A
LaplaCell for Emission and Immunity Testing
LETIS Laplace EMC Test Integration System
LISN Line Impedance Stabilization Networks
· · TDM 100 Trifield Broadband Meter
· · TDM 200 Power Density Meter
PLIP Power Line Interference Probe
Pre Selectors
Radiated Emission Test Solutions
Radiated RF Immunity IEC61000-4-3
RFG and RFC Radiated and Conducted Emission Kits
RFIC Conducted RF Immunity Testing
RFI and RF Radiated Immunity Testing
Spectrum Analyzers
· · SA1002 1Ghz Spectrum Analyzer
· · SA3000 3Ghz Spectrum Analyzer

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