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RF Synthesizers RF3000 & RF6000

The RF3000 and RF 6000 RF Synthesizers (immunity test controllers) include a signal generator matched to the RFI immunity requirements of IEC61000-4-3. Features such as sine and pulsed modulation, programmable start and stop frequencies, frequency step, and dwell time are provided as standard.

The RF3000 covers 30MHz—3GHz
The RF6000 covers 30MHz—6GHz
PC controlled signal sources fully meeting all requirements for IEC61000-4-3 and featuring automatic scanning to pre-programmed schedules.
· Simple to use via PCWindows software
· Easy USB interface.
· Field probe input for automatic level control.
· Suitable for use with any Power Amplifier and antenna/cell/chamber combination
· Standard IEC61000-4-3 tests pre-programmed.


All include powerful Windows control software with USB port interface. When used with the LaplaCell range of test cells, these synthesisers provide full automatic control of field level and all that is needed to provide an automated compliance test facility. Advanced features such as prescanning, display of EUT status against applied field level and full Windows compatibility are standard. These synthesisers also have all the facilities required for test chamber applications, with an optional RS232 port specifically provided for remote probe connection.
Fully compatible with industry standard isotropic probes. LAPLACE


Key Points

  • EUT MONITORING Real time monitoring and logging of EUT status facilitates accurate recording of test progress and reporting. Flexible EUT status response modes allow unattended testing for greatest productivity.
    RESULTS The frequency, field strength and EUT status can be plotted in real time on screen to show how the product is performing. At the end of the sweep, the plot can be saved and printed as part of the results documentation.
    AUTOMATION. The RFx000 can automatically perform standard IEC61000-4-3 scans. In addition the user can enter custom sweeps with flexible step size, dwell time, modulation and field strength. CONTROLLABILITY. The software also provides a powerful tool for specific product investigations. The single frequency mode can search out any weakness with automatic field strength ramping and fine control of frequency.



Software Details

The RFSynth software will run under Windows XP. It allows the following parameters to be set:
  • · Start frequency
  • · Stop frequency
  • · Frequency step (%)
  • · Stress level (V/m)
  • · Modulation (AM and pulsed)
  • · Dwell time
  • · EUT monitoring (ignore/stop/continue)
  • · EUT prompt output
It includes facilities to load calibration data for the test cell, field probe or CDN as appropriate.
Outputs include:
  • · Display of target and actual stress level vs frequency
  • · EUT monitor
  • · System status
  • · Hard copy via Windows printers
  • · Results file storage to disk and subsequent retrieval



Product Specification

Frequency range
RF3000 30MHz—3GHz
RF6000 30MHz—6GHz
Frequency step
0.1% to 5% of current value
Output Level
-60dBm to 0dBm (carrier signal)
Bar graph indication of level
THD (worst case)
1KHz sine, 80% AM modulation
200Hz, 10Hz & 1Hz pulsed. 100% level
Ext. feedback probe
LaplaCell: 0-2.5V
Calibration via PC software
Optional RS232 input
8 pin circular DIN
Other chamber
Field sensor probe compatible with HI-4422 via fiber optic
interface (synthesizer option –RH)
RF Output connector
Control Mode
Open loop (Pre-scanned) or closed loop. (Software selectable)
EUT status
Volt free contact relay input
Fault modes
Stop, pause, continue
3 pin circular DIN
EUT prompt
4 pole c/o volt free contacts
Pulsed, Continuous, off


RF Synthesizer is an optional extra for the following products:

- Test cells (LaplaCell)
- RF Power Amplifiers

RF Synthesizer appears in the following kits:

- RFI kit


Laplace RF Synthesizer

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