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TDM-200 Power Density Meter

The TDM-200 Power Density Meter from Laplace Instruments measures the RF field strength over the range 0.001 to 2000uW/sq cm. This extremely sensitive meter can accurately measure the RF background level even in rural areas. The display reads power density directly in 3 ranges, 20, 200 and 2000uW/sq cm For comparison, a typical cordless phone will produce about 0.01uW/sq cm at a distance of 12 meters. At FM, TV and mobile phone frequencies, accuracy is better than 3dB. Unlike many other power meters, the antenna is built-in and the detection system yields a flat response over a very wide range of frequencies. Even at 5GHz, signals can still be measured. The meter features an internal PP3 battery with a low battery warning indication when there is about 10 minutes life remaining.

Key Points

  • · Hand held and very portable power density meter.
  • · Sensitivity down to 0.001uW/sq cm at 1GHz.
  • · Instant reading, very simple to use.
  • · Internal antenna.... no cables required
  • · LCD readout directly in uW/sq cm.
  • · Wide range of frequencies, includes all the significant RF bands
  • · Battery powered, 60 hours use from standard PP3.

Product Specification

Frequency range  3MHz - 2.5GHz  (25%) 
0.5MHz - 3GHz  (3dB)
 Max sensitivity 0.001uW/sq cm at 1GHz 
 Sensitivity 25% at 5GHz
10% at 10GHz 
 Max reading 2000uW/sq cm 
 Readout 41/2 digit LCD 
 Bandwidth Wide:     0.5MHz - 3GHz
Narrow:  100MHz - 3GHz 
 Antenna Internal 
 Averaging Fast/Slow selector switch 
 Power Internal battery (PP3) 
 Battery life 60 hours (1,000mAH battery) 
 Size 15cm x 9cm x 3cm 

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