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Site Validation - Seibersdorf is the specialist
Seibersdorf Laboratories Site Validation
The testing and performance evaluation of EMC test sites requires precision field-strength measurements. Seibersdorf is the European market leader in this business.

We offer these measurements as accredited laboratory. Since 1997 we are also present on the Asian market. Due to intensive investigation in this field during the recent years many results have been adopted in international standards (e.g. CISPR 16 series).

The resulting know-how lead is applied in the course of the services regarding:
Standard Calibration:
· · ALSE - Absorber Lined Shielded Enclosure Measurements
· · Ambient Noise Measurements
· · Field Uniformity Measurements
· · NSA - Normalized Site Attenuation
· · Shielding Effectiveness Measurement
· · Site VSWR Measurement

Special Calibration:
· · CTIA Validation
· · Freespace VSWR Measurement
· · Table Influence

Calibration does not last for ever
Test sites have to be seen as a measurement device and therefore have to be calibrated regularly even if there are no changes in the construction since the last evaluation.
Seibersdorf Labor GmbH as market leader for the manufacturer independent validation of EMC test sites offers Accredited Re-Calibration for the regular recalibration of EMC test sites.
The aim of this service is to provide the traceable calibration of the EMC test site as required by ISO 17025 for accredited test houses.
Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Seibersdorf Laboratories Accredited re Calibration Service for EMC Test Sites Data Sheet
Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Seibersdorf Laboratories RF Engineering Accredited Site Validation Data Sheet


Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Seibersdorf Laboratories RF Site Validation Data Sheet


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