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mk-messtechnik Analog Transmission

Optical transmission of Analog Signals

Analog links basics:
- One fiber, no matter how many signals
- Both signal directions possible with additional output filter
- digital transmission - no calibration (gain and offset) necessary
- standard +/-15V input/output range, others on request
- min. accuracy of 1% full range
- voltage dividers available (higher input ranges)
- higher frequencies on request
- standard both devices shielded with batteries, optional 19“

The Analog transmission links of the "U-series" can be used to transmit Analog or Digital signals 1:1.

They can be used to optically transmit signals from inside to the outside of the ALC (Absorber-Lined Chamber) or to transmit a stimulus inside the chamber (with optional output filter).

One link typically exists of a battery supplied transmitter and an also battery supplied receiver connected to each other with an optical fiber (standard: 62,5/125µm).

With the optical transmission, the shielded case and the external filter, the system is well equipped for EMI and EME tests.

Our systems are available with different numbers of channels, resolutions, band widths, and input voltage levels. Up to 16 channels can be integrated in one device, the receivers can be implemented as shielded (standard), 19” or plastic table top housing.

Since we develop and build the devices in house, we can adapt to many different needs, varying from the standard setups.
mk-messtechnik U1/12-1M and U2/12-1M Analog Transmitter Users Manual
mk-messtechnik U1/12 and U2/12 Analog Transmitter Users Manual
mk-messtechnik U8/12-1M Analog Transmitter Users Manual
mk-messtechnik U16/14-100k Analog Transmitter Users Manual


Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnic Optical Fiber Component Cleaning Instruction
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