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In this section you can find devices which are designed for the use in test-stands or for the independent measuring of e.g. optical cables or serial interfaces. Our devices can be used for endurance tests, monitoring of series production, and similar applications. Mostly, 19"-rack-cases and remote controls via the PC or other test and measuring devices are utilized here. Interfaces (such as RS232 or USB) and control software (Windows software or instruction set only) are custom made.
mk messtechnik comSPECTOR
This device serves the purpose of examining electrical and optical serial interfaces (RS232). For that, the display shows the received data both in HEX format and in plain text. At the push of a button, the display can be stopped and reset. In addition, the device can be equipped with an analog optical input in order to be able to measure the attenuation of optical cables. With this function, damaged optical cables or defective connectors can be detected easily. Due to the internal power supply and the small dimensions, the comSPECTOR is fit for the mobile use during maintenance or installation.
mk-messtechnik comSPECTOR Data Sheet
LVDS-SM 20/1
mk messtechnik LVDS-SM 20/1This measuring system is used for the optical transmission of 20 LVDS signals onto one channel. The possible transmission rate ranges from few kBit/s up to about 2 GBit/s. The device can be controlled via the optional buttons at the front or an integrated serial interface. The system is designed for automatic tests of LVDS-interfaces.
mk-messtechnik LVDS-SM 20/1 Data Sheet
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