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Options for the dAV camera system

Options for the mk-messtechnik dAV digital camera system
Hardware Options
• Receiver dAV-Rr - Required for all dAV Camera Installations
HD Recorder - digital recording of HD audio/video channel
PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit
Option -HiRF for the PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit
dAV-Rrc-Joy External Remote Control Joystick
LE-LED - LED Lighting System for your Chamber!
dAV Camera Upgrades
dAV-Quad-4k / multiviewer
External Battery Packs
Software Options
CCS - PT-02/03 control via PC with Camera Control Software
dAV HDrec PC-MD - Motion Detection Option
OSD - On Screen Display Option
PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit
mk messtechnik Pan/tilt unit PT-02/03 mk messtechnik Pan/tilt unit PT-02/03
The PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit supports all dAV cameras and can be controlled via the dAV-Cr receiver. The PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt unit is powered by the dAV camera, so further wiring is not necessary.
The end stops can be set by buttons at the Pan/Tilt unit (e.g. if the camera would crash into something when moved).
The PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit is connected to the dAV camera by an integrated ¼“ tripod socket.

Three versions of the PT Pan/Tilt
Pan/tilt unit PT-02 specifically designed for the mounting at the walls or the ceiling of an anechoic chamber (see picture on the left) Pan/tilt unit PT-03 for mounting on tripods, monopods, etc. for mobile use with reinforced brackets (see picture on the right)
Pan/tilt unit for the Infrared Camera LWIR (see picture below)
mk-messtechnik PT-03 and PT-02 with brackets mk-messtechnik Infrared camera opto-LWIR with PT Unit and Shroud for outside installation
Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik PT-02 Dimensions

Setup of a camera with pan/tilt unit
mk messtechnik dAV Camera with pan/tilt unit The camera, which is mounted on the pan/tilt unit PT-03, is supplied by the Battery Pack. With the help of the external display ED-43, the camera can be comfortably set up.
Option -HiRF for the PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit
With the option -HiRF, a dAV camera and PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit are upgraded to operated in very high field strengths and frequencies. The dAV Camera and PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Unit are equipped with additional screws and special cables for a high immunity: >> 600V/m up to 40GHz.

dAV-Rrc-Joy and dAV-Rrc-Joy-matrix Joysticks
mk-messtechnik dAV-Rrc-Joy Joystick to control up to 8 dAV Cameras mk-messtechnik dAV-Rrc-Joy Matrix Joystick to control up to 16 dAV Cameras
Remotely control up to 8 or 16 cameras with the dAV-Rrc-Joy or dAV-Rrc-Joy-matrix (dAV-Cr receiver required).
Twist the joystick to zoom the camera (tele/wide), push forward and backward for moving the pan/tilt in the y-axis, turn left or right for the x-axis. The dAV-Rrc-Joy and dAV-Rrc-Joy Matrix are powered by the dAV-Cr receiver, so no additional power supply is necessary.
LE-LED - LED Lighting System for your Chamber!
mk-messtechnik LE-LED
Low emission ALC LED light with 2-4 spots and approx. 75W (LE-LED 75) or 150W (LE-LED 150) LED power, that can be used to easily exchange existing 120V or 230V chamber lights (halogen lights) without the need of new filters or other electrical installation. 4 adjustable (one axis) full metal head LED spots single powered by a toroid core transformer in a full metal shield housing. With the shielded case, the LED light is well equipped for EMI and EME tests and proved this in many tests.

Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik LE-LED Data Sheet
dAV-Quad-4k / multiviewer
mk-messtechnik-dAV-Quad-4k-Multiviewer The dAV-Quad-4K displays 4 Full-HD video channels on one 4K30p screen. With its different output options, it can be used to either display the video signal without loss in resolution, forward the video signal to a grabber card or use an optical forwarding output to display the combined output at a different location further away.
Click here for detailed information on the dAV-Quad-4K

External Battery Packs
For dAV Camera installations that are not near a power outlet, mk-messtechnik offers the following power supplies:
SPS120 - Shielded external power supply

dAV Camera Upgrades
mk-messtechnik dAV Cameras can be upgraded with the following features and connections:
· 30x zoom for HD-Cameras (e.g. for large EMC chambers)
· Wide angle and close-up lens
· ST Fiber Optical connectors

CCS - Camera Control Software
The CCS Camera Control Software allows a user with a PC to remotely control PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Units. The PC is connected to the dAV-Cr receiver via USB (built into all receivers) or with the optional Ethernet-GUI Ethernet interface option. Can be combined with the dAV HDrec PC-MD Motion Detection Option

dAV HDrec PC-MD - Motion Detection Option
mk-messtechnik dAV HDrec PC-MD
The dAV HDrec PC-MD is a PC and Software based Motion Detection upgrade for the dAV Cameras and PT-02/03 Pan/Tilt Units.
This solution supports either 4 Regions of Interest (ROI) or 16 ROI.


• mk SD/HD camera and receiver
• Video capture card or external video capture device
• Fast PC (4/8 CPU cores, 4 GHz CPU frequency, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7/8/10 64 bit)
• nVidia CUDA-enabled graphics card
• Display with a resolution of at least 1440p.
• Drivers for the video capture hardware
• Optional: 3rd party video capture software
• Drivers for the graphics card
• .NET 4.5 Runtime or higher
• mk Motion Detector application

Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik dAV-HDrec PC MD Motion Detector Quick Start Guide

OSD - On Screen Display Option

mk-messtechnik OSD - On Screen Display Option The OSD option adds On Screen Display (OSD) data consisting of Date, Time, Camera #, MHz, V/m, etc. to the DUT-data video stream
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnic Optical Fiber Component Cleaning Instruction
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