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Tripods, Monopod and mounts

Tripods, Monopod and other Camera Mounts for the mk-messtechnik dAV Cameras
WCM40 Wall mount - Length Customizable
Tripod-170 - Wooden tripod with a max. height of 170cm
Folding "Tripod-Dolly" for Tripod-170 with brakes
Tripod-Mini - Wooden tripod with a max. height of 36cm
Monopod floor stand - 130cm~170cm
Flexible Tripod - small, flexible tripod
HM - Auto Headrest Mount
SB - Auto Seatbox Mount
SBtc - Auto Seatbox Mount Special
WCM40 Wall mount
The wall mount WCM40 can be fixed to the walls with the help of screws. On the upper level a camera with pan/tilt unit can be placed, on the lower level e.g. the loudspeaker of our intercom system dAV-TRX-PS.

The length of the wall mount is customized, since a short version is sufficient for an anechoic chamber with ferrite tiles. For an EMC chamber with pyramid absorbers the longer version of the wall mount is necessary. If drill holes and the mounting plate is known, we can adapt to these values.
mk messtechnik Wallmount (WCM40)

Wall mount - long version for the use between pyramid absorbers

Wallmount - long version for the use between pyramid absorbers

WCM extension
wooden camera mount extension for existiing wall mounts (length variable, standard approx. 25cm) if other lengths are requested, please let us know - min. distance to existing absorber applies to avoid damage of the pan/tilt - max. length applies to avoid vibrations of camera - ask for details
mk-messtechnik WCM Extenstion
mk messtechnik Tripod-170The "classic" wooden tripod with a max. height of 170 cm.
Load capacity 5 kg 2 D pan/tilt attachment Weight 3.6 kg Transportation length 106 cm Minimal height 12 cm Integrated circular level Metal fittings - tripods completely without metal available on demand

Folding "Tripod-Dolly wood"
mk messtechnik Folding "tripod-dolly wood"
The tripod-170 can be mounted on the tripod dolly that has a brake for each wheel. The dolly is fixed at the tripod with the help of round cords and can be folded for transportation. Weight 1.88 kg Transportation length 58 cm

mk messtechnik "Tripod-mini"
The "little brother" of the "Tripod-170" can be extended to a max. height of 36 cm and only weighs 700 g.

Load capacity 15 kg Weight 0.68 kg Transportation length 26 cm Minimal height 5 cm Maximal height 36 cm Integrated circular level

Monopod - Floor Mount, Free Standing
mk messtechnik Monopod-wood
The platforms of our Monopod are completely made of wood, the vertically adjustable pole is made of glass fibers. The board on which the camera and the pan/tilt unit are mounted, can be removed easily by pulling the splint. By default, the Monopod comes with fell gliders, ball rollers integrated into the pedestal are optional (only fit for even surfaces). With the help of a quick release clamp mounted on the camera or the pan/tilt unit, the system is set up fast. In addition, the Monopod can be disassembled completely for storage and transpiration.

Minimal height 100 cm
Maximal height 1700 cm
mk-messtechnik monopod-wood full image
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik -onopod Wood Data Sheet
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik Wooden -onopod stand for TRX Users Manual

Flexible Tripod
mk messtechnik Flexible tripod
The flexible tripod is particularly suitable for our dAV-Cr-HD-µ-camera, since it can be mounted on head rests or steering wheels and it takes up little space.

HM - Headrest Mount
mk messtechnik Headrest mount HM
The camera AV-C as well as the external batteries can be fixed on the camera holder HM. The visible area of the camera can be adjusted by the provided 2D Panoramic Head. The holder itself is fixed at the head rest of a vehicle with a wing bolt and a counter support. In order to minimize vibrations, an additional support to the backrest can be installed.

SB - Seatbox
mk messtechnik Seatbox SB seatbox SM
As an alternative to the camera holder, the "seatbox" SB is available. It is simply put on the car seat. As is the case with the camera holder, the camera and its batteries are also mounted by the help of a 2D Panoramic Head and a Velcro tape. The height and the angle of the board can be adjusted with the help of a wooden peg.

SBtc - Seatbox Special
mk messtechnik Seatbox Special (SBtc)
Up to 6 cameras and Pan/tilt units can be mounted on the "seatbox special", the battery packs can be stored in the compartments and are fixed with Velcro stripes. In addition, the holes at the two sides of the seatbox are for easy transportation.


Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnic Optical Fiber Component Cleaning Instructions


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