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mk-messtechnik dAV Camera Systems

mk-messtechnik dAV Camera Systems
The AV systems serve the optical and acoustical monitoring of devices under test (DUT) during tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The instruments and devices in the cockpit of a vehicle or the control panels of electronic equipment can be monitored with the help of the devices of the av-series. The signals are led out of the cabin via optical cables so the transmission is insusceptible for electromagnetic fields. DVD- and HDD-Recorders or components for the recording of video signals on the PC can be found in the category.
mk messtechnik dAV Camera Systems

· · Camera dAV-Cr-HD
· · Camera dAV-Cr-HD-mini
· · Camera
· · HD Recorder
· · Options for the Digital Camera System
· · Tripods and Mounting

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