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dAV Transmission & Intercom

The mk-messtechnik dAV family provides the digital transmission of analog A/V signals
mk messtechnik dAV Series Digital Transmission

The dAV series provides the digital and optical transmission of camera signals (dAV-C). In addition, the dAV-TRX intercom provides for the transmission of analog audio and/or video signals uni- or bidirectionally.

Fields of application are e.g. the acoustical monitoring of an engine speed or surveillance of an audio or video system in immunity tests. The main unit dAV is thus equipped with different options. The dimensions of the housing depends on the options chosen.

Available options:
dAV option –a: unidir. dig. audio transmission of stereo signals; 3dB: 20Hz-18kHz
dAV option –v: unidir. dig. video transmission of analog video signals NTSC/PAL
dAV option –l: integrated loudspeaker, mono dAV option –m: integrated microphone, mono
dAV option -i: intercom (each device consists of a loudspeaker and a microphone)

A typical configuration is the unidirectional transmission of audio and video signals with the version dAV option –a and dAV option –v. The resulting transmitter system is called dAV-uav (see picture). Please contact us in order to get a customized offer.

mk-messtechnik dAV Data Sheet
dAV-TRX Intercom
mk messtechnik Intercom dAV-TRXmk messtechnik Intercom dAV-TRX
The dAV-TRX system is used for the bidirectional optical transmission of AV signals at EMC tests (intercom). The dAV-TRX transceivers have an integrated microphone, a connector for an external microphone, for line IN and OUT (stereo), for video IN and OUT, and for an external (passive) loudspeaker (optional).

Fields of application are the acoustic (and optional optical) monitoring of A/V – devices, engines or radios and the use as an intercom system for absorber lined chambers. The device can stay in the chamber during the tests.
mk-messtechnik Intercom dAV-TRX Data Sheet
mk-messtechnik Intercom dAV-TRX Diagram
mk-messtechnik Intercom dAV-TRX Manual


The dAV-TRX intercom is normally mounted on a Monopod with or without a Camera.
Monopod - Floor Mount, Free Standing
mk messtechnik Monopod-wood
The platforms of our Monopod are completely made of wood, the vertically adjustable pole is made of glass fibers. The board on which the camera and the pan/tilt unit are mounted, can be removed easily by pulling the splint. By default, the Monopod comes with fell gliders, ball rollers integrated into the pedestal are optional (only fit for even surfaces). With the help of a quick release clamp mounted on the camera or the pan/tilt unit, the system is set up fast. In addition, the Monopod can be disassembled completely for storage and transpiration.

Minimal height 100 cm
Maximal height 1700 cm
mk-messtechnik monopod-wood full image
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik Monopod Wood Data Sheet
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnik Wooden Monopod stand for TRX Users Manual


Tripods, Monopod and Auto Mounts
WCM40 Wall mount - Length Customizable
Tripod-170 - Wooden tripod with a max. height of 170cm
Folding "Tripod-Dolly" for Tripod-170 with brakes
Tripod-Mini - Wooden tripod with a max. height of 36cm
Monopod floor stand - 130cm~170cm
Flexible Tripod - small, flexible tripod
HM - Auto Headrest Mount
SB - Auto Seatbox Mount
SBtc - Auto Seatbox Mount Special
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet mk-messtechnic Optical Fiber Component Cleaning Instructions
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