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CCC01KIT01 - Cable Coupling Clamp 01

The Cable Coupling Clamp (CCC01) has been designed by Eurofins York Ltd. (formerly York EMC Services Ltd) for the purpose of measuring the EMC properties of cables. It can be used to make repeatable measurements aimed at assessing the coupling and shielding effectiveness properties of a wide range of cables. The design is based on the details of the possible launcher arrangement, described in IEC 96-1 Amendment 2 1993-06 section A.5.6 Line Injection Method (frequency domain). It is also used in IEC 62153-4-6: 2006 and mandated for the line injection method in EN 50289-1-6.


Fixed cable routes
Repeatable layout of test and injection cables 
Cable injection assemblies
Injection cable runs are supplied preassembled and fitted with 
ferrite common-mode chokes
Supports a range of test cable sizes
2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm aperture supports provided as 
standard. Cable dimensions up to 22mm x 13mm are possible
with the user-machinable fitting accessories
0.3m & 0.5m test lengths
Base plate allows the injection assemblies to be mounted either 
for a 0.3m cable length (EN 50289-1-6) or the extended 0.5m 
length  (IEC 96-1) for increased coupling distance
Configurable injection conductor
Self-adhesive copper tape, easily trimmed to the correct width 
required according to the circumference of the cable under test
Easy connection to test system
Injection cables are terminated in N-type connectors

Technical Details

The CCC01 is designed to allow easy positioning of the test and injection feed cables in accordance with the layout described in IEC 96-1 Amendment 2 1993-06.


The CCC01 is supplied with left- and right-hand injection assemblies. Each assembly comprises the conductive metal launchers used to align the cable-under-test with the injection feed cable, and comes supplied with the injection cable and its ferrite ring chokes already fitted. Each injection feed cable is fitted with N-type female connectors, for connection to the test system (for example a network analyzer or spectrum analyzer with tracking generator). Each assembly also features a supporting plastic cable guide for the cable-under-test, with space given for ferrite ring chokes to be fitted as per the test specification.


The metal launchers are supplied with three pairs of conductive fittings with aperture sizes of 2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm diameter. Corresponding non-metallic fittings for the cable-under-test supporting guide clamps are also provided. With these fittings, a range of cable diameters can be accommodated.


A non-metallic base plate is also supplied, which allows the launchers to be easily aligned to give a test-cable measurement length of either 0.3m (EN 50289-1-6) and 0.5m (IEC 96-1) as required.


Please note: the cable under test (CUT) and parts associated with its construction and any ferrite rings to be fitted to it are not supplied.



  • · Cable shielding effectiveness measurements as indicated by:
    • · IEC 96-1 Amendment 2 1993-06
    • · IEC 62153-4-6:2006
    • · EN 50289-1-6
  • · Investigation of cable coupling phenomena



Frequency Range
10 kHz to 1 GHz typical (usable to higher frequencies, depending on application)
Output connector
50 Ω N-type socket
220mm × 880mm (0.5m test setting)
220mm × 740mm (0.3m test setting)
3 kg (typical excluding cable-under-test and any associated ferrites)


Standard Order Kits

Part Number
Parts Included
Standard CCC01 cable coupling clamp kit
  • CCC01 cable coupling clamp
  • 2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm diameter cable mounting fittings
  • Additional clip-on ferrite chokes
  • Self-adhesive copper tape
  • Hard case for injection assemblies



Part Nº
Cable fittings
Kit of user-machinable blank fittings for custom cables


Cable Coupling Clamp 01 - York EMC



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