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Emission Radiated testing insures that your product does not cause interference with other electronic equipment.
Every country requires that electronic products are compliant with the Emission Radiated standards; therefore it is clear that Emission Radiated should be an important part of the design process. Emission Radiated product testing is one of the test that most companies and engineers struggle with.
Reliant EMC provides practical, compact and easy-to-use instrumentation to help you meet current worldwide Radiated Emission test requirements.
You can perform a pre-compliance test for the FCC standard or self-certify for CE standard with the help of the instrumentation provided by Reliant EMC.

3GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyzer with powerful Windows software application.


1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyzer for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz


Antennas for EMC testing
Antennas are normally required for the measurement of radiated emissions. Laplace offers a wide range of antennas to suit the various requirements. These include standard broadband antennas, miniature antennas and Large Loop Antennas.


Ancillaries - Radiated
Ancillary items that can make all the difference when measuring EMC emissions. These include pre-amplifiers, filters and near field probes.


RF300 Large Loop Antenna
The RF300 is a CISPR15/16 compliant 3 axis antenna for testing according to EN55015 (Large loop antenna or Van Leen Loop)


Emissions Reference Source (ERS)
The ERS is a transfer standard for the calibration of radiated emission measurements on OATS or in EMC chambers.


Test cells (LaplaCell)

Compact emissions and immunity test cells for EMC compliance testing.


Advanced CDNs

A range of CDNs offering flexibility and feedback option, whilst maintaining compliance.


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