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LUXONDES Gyroscanfield

LUXONDES GyroScanField
LUXONDES GyroscanfieldLUXONDES GyroScanField
The Gyroscanfield is a 3D, real-time measuring equipment whose function is to directly visualize the electromagnetic radiation of a Device Under Test (DUT) in a simple and fast way. 16 sensors with detachable antennas are spread over a 60 cm diameter ring. A set of different antennas is available corresponding to your requested frequency and sensitivity ranges. Each elementary sensor around the loop converts the electromagnetic received energy in a corresponding calibrated range of visible colors by using RGB LEDs. Each sensor has an A/D converter for backup and data mining.
The operation of the measuring equipment and the acquisition of data is done using a tablet PC. DC powering of the DUT can be performed either from the top and / or the bottom of the instrumented loop.
• Comparison between different radiating systems
• Quality control
• Product Development
• Shielding effectiveness
• Direct visualization of the electromagnetic field, either continuous wave or, modulated at frequencies up to several tens of μs
• Sensors compatible with detachable antennas and the range of products from LUXONDES.
• Fast acquisition speed


• Size : (H) 100 x (L) 75 x (P) 85 cm
• Support roller : (H) 85 cm
• Rotation speed : 15 Turns /sec max.
• Acquisition : 720 Points / Turn / Sensor
• Power supply : 230 VAC 50 Hz


LUXONDES GyroScanField Data Sheet
LUXONDES GyroScanField System utalized to visualize and measure in 3D and in real time the electromagnetic radiation of an object under test.
Visualization of the radiation of a loop antenna with the various luxonde systems

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