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CleanSweep 10A Power Line Single Phase EMI Filters

CleanSweep® 10A AC power line filters provide clean power to equipment up to 1200W for 120VAC circuits and up to 2500W for 250VAC circuits.
Examples of equipment for which this filter model was designed include equipment on the workbench, engineering, scientific and analytical equipment, telecommunication equipment and any others EMI-sensitive equipment.
The filters can be configured with different options, such as operating voltage, outlet type, and others.
Please see ordering information in the brochure for all available options. Please note that while some types of outlets may be rated higher than 10A, the filter's maximum rating is still 10A. When selecting current rating of filter it is prudent to leave some headroom for current rating because most equipment has uneven current consumption during its operation and the resulting peak current may exceed maximum rating of the filter.
Please read carefully Application Note "How to Specify CleanSweep AC Power Line Filter" - it will help you to order the correct model for your application.

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10A Single Phase Filter

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