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CleanSweep® Single Phase AC Power Line EMI Filters for EMI Compliance

Clean Power Free of High-Frequency Noise
CleanSweep® Power Line AC Filter AF-XXXX-FG-D 10A 250V Capacity

Make your product EMC compliant with the addition of this FILTER!

Common Mode without AF-xxxxFG-D FilterCommon Mode without AF-xxxxFG-D Filter


Common Mode with AF-xxxxFG-D Filter Common Mode without AF-xxxxFG-D Filter
OnFILTER normally designs their filters to protect products FROM EMI coming FROM mains and ground. This new filter, the AF-XXXX-FG-D, is designed to limit EMI LEAVING a product through common-mode and differential-mode.
So, if you are a manufacturer who has designed and build an expensive product that fails EMC, simply connecting this filter to your may make your product EMC Compliant!


CleanSweep® Power Line AC Filter AFEUSKFG-D
CleanSweep® Power Line AC Filter AF-XXXX-FG-D
The new OnFILTER CleanSweep® EMI filter AF-XXXX-FG-D provides substantial reduction of electrical noise on power lines emanating from equipment in both test lab and in real-life situations.
The Innovative design of the AF-XXXX-FG-D accomplishes maximum noise suppression of signals polluting your power lines, freeing sensitive equipment from harmful interference.
Clean power is essential for uninterrupted and problem-free operation of electrical and electronic equipment.
As electromagnetic interference (EMI) spreads through power lines and ground, it causes downtime and errors in today’s equipment and may inflict component damage.
The Unique design of OnFILTER CleanSweep® series focuses on the properties of real-life signals on power lines and produces maximum attenuation of the “worst offenders” on power lines.
These Filters are very easy to install - just plug it into the wall outlet and plug your equipment into the outlet on the filter.
Benefits of the OnFILTER CleanSweep® EMI filter AF-XXXX-FG-D
Increased Up-Time
OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters reduce equipment downtime caused by EMI and increase its performance and productivity by providing clean power to your sensitive tools.
Transient Noise Suppression
Most of the noise on power lines is not continuous waveforms of high frequency but rather “spikes” generated by solenoids, relays, stepper and variable-frequency motors and alike. The peak value of these spikes can be very strong reaching several volts.
OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters are especially effective for this type of signals.


Differential and Common Mode Attenuation
OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters provide suppression for both types of noise - differential (between power line wires) and common-mode (between power line and ground).
Flexible Architecture
OnFILTER CleanSweep® series filters can be configured for different voltages and types of outlets for single and three-phase applications.



Electromagnetic compliance
Electronic manufacturing
Semiconductor fabrication
Disk drive assembly
Industrial robotics
Wherever EMI is an issue Features

Unique Features

Excellent suppression of low frequency noise
Easy plug-in installation
Optimized for power lines
Effective noise suppression for differential and common mode noise


CleanSweep® filter family includes single and three phase models for up to 250V AC 30A
OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters utilize proprietary technology to provide maximum noise suppression in actual installations, not just in the controlled laboratory environment.
Rated Voltage, RMS
Rated Current, RMS
Continuous Signal Attenuation (Typical)
50 Ohms Interface
Low Frequencies
High Frequencies
Power Indication

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Ordering Information

Please select the type of filter most suitable for your application.
Although there are many selection criteria, choosing
the right filter is fairly simple. Most important parameter
you need to select is the type of an outlet. The cable
supplied with the filter will have the same type of plug.


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