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CleanSweep AC Power Line Single Phase EMI Filters

AC power lines connect all electrical equipment in a facility together. Electrical noise, or electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated in one place propagates far throughout the facility disrupting operation of equipment.
OnFILTER' CleanSweep® AC power line EMI filters are very effective in blocking EMI on power lines from reaching sensitive equipment. They also prevent EMI generated by a "noisy" source from polluting your AC power network.
Here is a summary of the features of CleanSweep® filters family:
• Optimal performance in real-life installations
Most equipment already has built-in EMI filters for the purpose of compliance with EMC regulations.
This Application Note provides specifics on why regular EMI filters still allow for plenty of noise outside of test lab, while CleanSweep® filters block EMI where it matters - in your facility.
• Bi-directional EMI suppression
CleanSweep® filters not only prevent EMI on power lines from getting into your sensitive equipment, they block "noisy" equipment from polluting our power line and ground with EMI too.
• Unique filtering in ground circuit, not only in power lines
Your facility ground can be just as noisy as your live and neutral AC lines. CleanSweep® filters offer substantial reduction of ground noise along with live/neutral noise reduction.
• Transient surge suppression
Regular surge suppressors do not suppress spikes under 330V (120VAC lines) or 440V (250VAC lines), CleanSweep® filters see any spikes, large or small, as EMI events, very effectively suppressing them and providing additional safety for your equipment - see this Application Note.
• Plug-and-Play
Most of CleanSweep filters are plug-and-play - plug the filter into your outlet and plug your equipment into the outlet of the filter. Worldwide plug/outlet configurations are available. Some models have terminal block interface for special type connections.


AC Power Line EMI Filters (CleanSweep Single Phase)
3A Single Phase Filters - APN515FG
10A Single Phase Filter - ALN515FG
20A Single Phase Filters - AFN520FG
30A Single Phase Filters - AFL630FG


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