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Data EMI Filters for 4...20mA Loops

OnFILTER Data EMI Filters for 4...20 mA Analog Signals


Available Models

OnFILTER DFE20CD1 Data EMI Filter for 4...20mA Loops Up to 500 Hz Data RateOnFILTER DFE20CD2 Data EMI Filter for 4...20mA Loops Up to 10 kHz Data Rate

Long data lines to and from 4~20mA sensors and actuators "collect" plenty of noise which causes data misreading, errors and other malfunction. OnFILTER' DF420CD1 and DF420CD2 Data EMI filters for such analog lines block EMI on long cables while providing pass through for the data.

Available models

DF420CD1 for slow changing signals (under 500 Hz)
DF420CD2 for fast-changing signals (under 10 kHz).
The DF420CD1 provides the best noise suppression while the DF420CD2 accommodates a wider variety of sensors and actuators.


Notes on Data Bandwidth

Depending on the type of sensor and how fast the data need to be updated, the bandwidth of the signal may vary. Most of 4..20 mA sensors and actuators are fairly slow in comparison with digital data such as RS485 communication and alike. A temperature sensor, for example, does need to send information thousand times per second. The lower the signal bandwidth, the better the filter can be configured so that it does not materially affect the useful signal but can effectively suppress EMI. This is why we have two models for different data speed. If you use slow data speed— within 500 Hz data rate — select DF420CD1 as it will provide better EMI suppression. For faster data signals—up to 10 kHz data rate —use DF420CD2 model.

OnFILTER DFE20CD1 Recommended Passband

OnFILTER DFE20CD2 Recommended Passband

Important: Analog Data Only

DF420CDx data filters are designed for analog 4...20 mA data. Even if some cases they may accidently function with a particular digital interface, we do not recommend it as they absolutely not guaranteed to work with high-speed digital signals.


OnFILTER DFE20CD1 Data EMI Filter for 4-20mA Loops Long Cable from Sensor Image

OnFILTER DFE20CD1 Data EMI Filter for 4...20mA Loops Long Cable to Actuator Image

Noise Suppression

OnFILTER’ data EMI filter provides substantial noise suppression in both common and in differential modes on data cables

Transparent to Data Data

signals with the frequency up to 20kHz are unaffected by the filter and your sensors and actuators won’t even know that the filter is there

Easy to Install

Data filter has removable screw-in terminal blocks for both data and for ground wires (if ground is utilized). Connection can be easily made on site

Small and Inobtrusive

DF420CDx filters are surface mounted and can fit anywhere. The filters’ physical dimensions are 67mm x 50 mm x 20 mm (L x W x H). It can be fastened with screws, Velcro® or equivalent tape, or with tie-wraps.

OnFILTER DF420CDx Mounting Dimensions

OnFILTER DC 9A Filter - Data Sheet OnFILTER DF420CD1 and DF420CD2 Data EMC Filters for 4~20mA Loops Data Sheet
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