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Servo Motor EMI Filters

Reduce Electrical Overstress (EOS) and EMII by Reducing Electrical Noise


Operation of servo and variable frequency motors causes a number of problems in power tools. These problems include damage to the motor’s bearings from leakage currents. Another problem caused by this noise is errors in operation of electronic equipment, including test and metrology. Sensitive electronic components processed on such tools as IC handlers, wire bonders, SMT pick-and-place machines and many others can be subject to electrical overstress (EOS) caused by noise from servo motors, affecting yield and reliability.
OnFILTER servo motor EMI filters perform two important functions: they substantially reduce high-frequency noise within the tool resulting from operation of servo and variable frequency motors and improve reliability of motors by reducing leakage current through their bearings.
Unique patent-pending technology allows for reduction of current in ground beyond capabilities of regular filters.
OnFILTER offers filters for motor drive and also patent-pending combo filters that include both drive and AC power line filters in one enclosure. This solution prevents servo controller from polluting the equipment with EMI not only from its drive circuit but also via AC mains.


Reduced Ground Noise

OnFILTER servo motor EMI filters greatly reduce high-frequency noise on ground and overall noise in the tool which lowers risk of
EOS to sensitive components


Less Errors in Equipment

Reduced electrical noise means less errors in operation of sensitive electronics. Less errors and lock-ups in test and handling improves
your bottom line

Improved Reliability of Servo Motors

OnFILTER servo motor filters reduce voltage overshoots that usually can reach several times the normal voltage value. Such signals cause deterioration of motor bearings leading to the motor’s premature failure. OnFILTER’ servo motor filters stretch rise and fall times (dV/dt) of the drive pulses preventing resulting voltage
overshoots from becoming dangerous.



Semiconductor fabrication Electronic assembly Disk drive Manufacturing
Industrial robotics
Wherever EOS and EMI are a problem



Greatly reduced noise from servo motor operation
Easy plug-in installation
Optimized for most servo motors
Effective management of rise and fall times of drive pulses



OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters utilize proprietary technology to provide maximum noise suppression and reduce high frequency current during soldering.
Servo Motor and VFD Filters
OnFILTER 3A Servo Combo Filter - SF20032
• OnFILTER-3A-Servo-Filter - SF20031
OnFILTER-10A-Servo-Motor-EMI-Filter - SF20101
• OnFILTER-20A-Servo-Motor-EMI-Filter - SF20201


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