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Found in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a leader in switched power supply systems and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion.
Preen has one of the broadest product line of switched power supplies which includes:
• AC Power Sources
• DC Power Supplies
• Power Supplies for Defense Industry
• Renewable Energy Simulators
• Line Conditioners and UPS


Preen AC and DC Programmable Power Supplies

Preen (AC Power Corp) Product Line Summary:
• High Power Programmable DC Power Supply, ADG-P & ADG-L Series Output Power: 4kW-300kW Output Voltage: 0-40V to 0-2000V Output Current: up to 2000A Low Ripple & Fast Response Parallel Operation Available
• Programmable AC Power Supply, AFV & AFV-P Series Output Power: 600VA-2000kVA Output Frequency: up to 1000Hz Power Line Disturbance Simulation DC Output Available Fast Response & High Stability Intuitive Touch Screen
• Programmable Regenerative Grid Simulator, PAS Series Output Power: 30kVA-300kVA High Power Factor: up to 99% Regenerative Function Available Built-in Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Mode Three Phase Independent Control Ideal for IEEE 1547 Pre-test
Established in 1989 Preen have become a major manufacturer of AC and DC Power Sources and Frequency Converters and is one of the major programmable power supply manufactures in the world. Preen is considered to be the world leading manufacturer of large capacity power sources for testing and manufacturing purposes. With the alliance with Reliant EMC as the a EMC solution provider, Preen will be able to provide better support and service its EMC field and customers. Preen’s headquarter are located in Taiwan and Preen also has a service center in Irvine, CA. Preen had reached producing 65MW of AC power products per year and has three factories with 300 employees. Preen has provided AC and DC power sources to most international EMC certification labs where clean and adjustable power is important for their applications. Preen is also at the leading edge of renewable energy and electric vehicle development and test as well as the more traditional markets of test and burn-in of industrial and military systems, IT, automotive and medical. Preen product range covers most power requirements from which includes rack mount programmable AC power sources from 0.6 to 5kVA, three phase and single phase AC power sources from 10 to 2000kVA, Military 400Hz AC power sources, 45~500Hz or to 1000Hz Wide Frequency power sources, shore Frequency Converters and regenerative type Grid Simulation power supplies for new energy test applications.


Preen AC Power Corp Product Line:
AC Power Sources
- AFC Series of AC Power Sources
- AFV/APF Series of AC Power Sources
- AFV-33080-690V/80KVA
- AFV-P Series of Programmable AC & DC Power Supplies
- AMF Series of 400Hz Power Supply /Ground Power
- AMV Series of 400Hz Power Supply / Ground Power
- BPS Series of Shore Power Supply
- PAS Series of Grid Simulators
- PFV Series of Regenerative AC Power Sources
- PWF Series of Programmable Wide Frequency AC Power Sources
DC Power Supplies
- ADC Series of Rack Mount DC Power Supplies
- ADG Series of Programmable High Power DC Power Supplies
- ADS Series of High Power DC Power Supplies
Automatic Voltage Regulators and UPS
- ABU Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies
- APH Series of Inductive Automatic Voltage Regulators
- APS Series of Solid State Automatic Voltage Regulators
- Automatic Test Solutions
- Customized Products
- PEL Series of Regenerative AC Electronic Loads
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Preen (AC Power Corp)

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