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Reliant EMC provides Noise and Comb Generators that are small, self contained emitters which generate known measured field strength at a specified measurement distance.
Noise and Comb Generators ensure measurement integrity of instrumentation like spectrum analyzers, LISNs etc, and reduce measurement uncertainty in Emission Radiated testing.
Each Noise and Comb Generator comes calibrated.
Reliant EMC has generators that cover frequencies from 9kHz to 40GHz.
A key application for Reliant EMC Noise and Comb Generators is the test site measurement to insure compliance or correlation with EMC labs and instrumentation performance.

Comb Generator Options from Reliant EMC

EMCIS - CRS-1530 Reference Source
Laplace Instruments ERS - Emissions Reference Source
Laplace Instruments CRS+ - Conductive Reference Source
Schwarzbeck - Comb Generator SG 9302
Eurofins York - Comb Generator Emitter - CGE01
Eurofins York - Comb Generator Emitter - CGE02
Eurofins York - Comb Generator Emitter - CGE03
Eurofins York - York Reference Source - YRS01
Eurofins York - York Reference Source - YRS02
Eurofins York - York Reference Source - YRS03
Conductive Comb Generators are used for to perform a daily test for your emission conductive system.
It will help you to check if your LISN is within compliance and if your spectrum analyzer is working properly in the lower end of the spectrum.
Conductive Comb Generators can be used in between yearly calibrations to insure your product is in working condition.

CRS+ from Laplace Instruments

The CRS+ from Laplace Instruments is a stable and calibrated source of signals which cover the 9KHz - 30MHz frequency range. The fundamental signal is a 15KHz comb and each harmonic is output as a narrow band peak of known amplitude. This signal is output on either the L and N lines, referenced to ground. A switch provides on/off and line selection.
Output is via an IEC socket, and each CRS+ includes a short adapter cable for connection to either UK, US or Euro mains sockets. The preferred type should be indicated with any order. Other adapter cables can be provided on request. Power is provided by internal batteries. The CRS+ is safe for use even if the mains socket on the LISN is live.

CGE Product Line from Eurofins York

A harmonic spectrum reference signal source with a comb output characteristic generating radiated and conducted emissions up to 18 GHz with 50, 80 or 100 MHz step size options. The 50MHz step size allows measurements compliant with chamber validations above 1GHz according to CISPR16. Stable output Repeatable measurements Conducted and radiated output options Evaluation of both conducted and radiated systems50 MHz to 18 GHz output Applications across a broad frequency spectrum 50 MHz step size Complies with CISPR16 validation methods Compact and Portable Comparisons between sites and environments Shielding effectiveness measurements even of small enclosures Battery powered No power or interconnecting cable effects on measurements

The Comb Generator Emitter (CGE) was originally developed by Eurofins York for the evaluation of shielding effectiveness for small enclosures. In recent years however, the continuing increase in operating frequencies of IT equipment has made the CGE increasingly relevant as manufacturers seek to determine the characteristics of both their equipment and EMC measurement facilities at GHz frequencies.



Comb Generator SG 9302

Schwarzbeck Comb-Generator SG 9302 
Schwarzbeck Comb-Generator SG 9302
· Comb generator
· 0.1 - 18 GHz
· spectrum lines every 100 MHz
· battery driven
· including charger


pdficon small Schwarzbeck SG 9302 Comb Generator Data Sheet

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