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Battery Overcharge Test Chamber

SANWOOD Battery overcharge explosion-proof test chamber


This battery explosion proof box is used for the testing of batteries in the process of overcharge, to prevent the explosion or burning of the test personnel from unnecessary damage, usually use steel materials, high quality material; explosion-proof effect is good. .


Equipment Overview:
The explosion proof box for battery overcharge and over discharge the battery to prevent battery explosionor burning on unnecessary testing personnel injury, whole body with steel material, texture strong explosion effect.
 Battery overcharge and over discharge explosion-proof Chamber
Inner box size
304 stainless steel 
Inner box capacity
Outer box material
Cold plate temperature toast paint 
Sealing material
rubber strip
Test rite
2 pieces (open on the left side of the cabinet,diameter 50mm)
Viewing widown
1 piece (Double thick explosion-proof glass+Lighting lamp;
Viewing Window Size:L*W 300*300mm
Air outlet
1 piece , diameter 15cm of ventilator
 (open on top of the cabinet rear)
Pressure relief valve
1 piece Automatic pressure relief valve is installed in the cabinet rear
Foot roll
1 set  Easy mobility
Explosion-proof door lock
1 piece
1 piece
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