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RF/EMI Shielding Tabletop Enclosures

RF/EMI Shielding Tabletop Enclosures

Select Fabricators RF EMI Shielding Tabletop Encloures
Control Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnet Interference (EMI) by using Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Portable Tabletop Enclosures. Portable and more cost effective than rigid metal boxes, Select Fabricators’ Tabletop Enclosures deliver maximum isolation and offer an easy to assemble, store, and transport option.
Tested independently to IEEE® 299 standards, SFI’s Tabletop Enclosures resulted in a minimum signal attenuation of -85.7 dB over a range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz when measuring through the wall at multiple locations in the enclosure.
Exclusive, single door, patented (US Pat. No. 9,029,714), features a double magnet strip closure to deliver maximum isolation. Reduces RF/EMI leakage for enhanced performance.
Choose from an integrated I/O filter plate with standard or high attenuation power filters. Provides a power line and optional filtering for Ethernet and USB. Custom multiple filter and connector options are available.
Optional ventilation provided by RF shielded honeycomb vents and fan. The unit is designed to provide air circulation while suppressing unwanted RF/EMI interference.
Square, heavy duty, aluminum frame. No drilling required. Reduced assembly time with positive button hole locking connection.
• Ventilation: Two RF Shielded Honeycomb Vents and Fan
• LED String Lights
• RF Shielded Viewing Window
• Cable Sleeve
• Filter Plate with any of the following:
– Bulkhead and Signal Connectors
– Data and Signal Filter Connectors
– (DB9,15,25, USB, Ethernet)
(AC: 90-480 volts up to 100 amps)
(DC: 0-100 volts up to 20 amps)
• Foam Absorber
• Fire Retardant Fabric
• Detachable Floor

Select Fabricators’ RF EMI Tabletop Enclosures are ideal for
smaller applications or confined areas.
All of SFI’s Enclosures are:
• Single or Double wall RF/EMI shielding enclosure
• Heavy-duty aluminum frame with an adjustable strap attachment
• Constructed with US made RoHS compliant, durable, lightweight silver/copper/nickel fabric
• Floor design is conductive fabric between two layers of heavy duty tarp
• Lightweight for easy, storage, transport and low-cost shipping
• Selection of filter plates: High attenuation or standard power filtering
• Storage bag
All enclosures can be made to custom specifications
Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Select Fabricators RF EMI Shielding Tabletop Enclosures Data Sheet
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