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Aaronia Company Overview
Aaronia AG is a manufacturing company of high end RF & MW equipment based in Germany.
Aaronia was founded in 2003 by Mr. Thorsten Chmielus and produces Spectrum Analyzers, Generators, Antennas and Shielding Materials.

Aaronia Milestones
• In 2004 Aaronia shipped its first spectrum analyzer.
• In 2008 Aaronia presented a new generation of the SPECTRAN spectrum analyzer, the V4 series. It was the first handheld RF analyzer to reach a sensitivity of -170dBm DANL – a world record.
• In 2016 Aaronia released the SPECTRAN V5 series – the world’s first and only handheld, real-time spectrum analyzer. The frequency range for the V5 Series was extended from max. 9,4GHz to 20GHz.

Today Aaronia is focused on the:
• The development of measuring equipment for low and high frequency measurement
• Robotics
• Screening/shielding of RF and E-fields
• Fundamental research at the segment of communications and measurement engineering
• The construction of extreme sensitive and precise high-frequency measurement devices