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    DANA-AC/DC Power Sources - MPS Series


    • Mains Input
      115 or 230 or 400 Vac ± 10% 50-60 Hz
    • Line regulation
      better than 50 ppm of output V max for the allowed input variation, both as AC Generator and as DC Power Supply
    • Output Voltage
      adjustable from “0” to max selected rated V (AC or DC) with a 10 turn potentiometer
    • Load regulation for constant V
      from no load to full load better than 130mV/A
    • Output Current
      adjustable with a 10 turn potentiometer from “0” to max selected rated I
    • Stability
      after 20 minutes of preheating, better than 2 mV/°C for 24 hours at 25 °C ambient
      Temperature coefficient
      under 50 ppm/°C in “voltage mode”;
      under 100 ppm/°C in “current mode”
      Ambient temperature
      work 0÷40°C
      storage -10÷50°C
    • Cooling
      forced air
      Remote programming and feed-back (GPAC)
      Opto-insulated analog voltages 0÷10Vdc Linearity better than 0,3 %
      – Drift better than 1,5 mV/°C
    • OT
      Protection of over-temperature of power stages; when it is enabled, the power supply goes on stand-by mode and then displayed on LCD
    • OL
      Set to 130% of max current with delay of 500 ms.
      When it is enabled, the power supply goes on stand-by mode that displayed on LCD
    • Short Circuit Protection
      In all frequencies, the output is electrically protected from short circuits either with “DC” programming output or with “AC” programming output



    Output Frequency
    The power supply is provided of 3 internally generated frequencies of 50 – 60 – 400 Hz selectable through a push button and adjustable in ± 5% for the frequency limit reachable through a multi-turn trimmer that is located under the push button of selection. The power supply in amplifier mode can work with sinusoidal frequency up to 10 kHz to carry out arbitrary voltage profiles through the reaction time to remote programming, better than 8 V/µs

    Frequency stability
    better than ± 0,1%

    Frequency distortion
    Measured in voltage mode and in all frequencies (up to 10 kHz) better than 0,5 %



    Reaction to remote programming
    better than 8 V/µs

    Recovery time
    better than 200 ms within ± 0,2% of set voltage from no load to full load

    Ripple and noise
    measured in V mode, better than 0,02% of the voltage rated


    Breaker switching the equipment ON and OFF

    F. S.
    Switch that allow to change the output full scale from 50 up to 100% (only for double scale “MD” models)

    10 turns potentiometer that allows to change the output voltage

    Push button allowing to change the output frequency from 0 Hz (DC) up to 50 – 60 – 400 Hz

    10 turns Potentiometer allowing to change the output current

    AC – DC
    Led that point out the type of output current
    +/L -/N
    + / – uscita in continua
    L fase uscita AC
    N neutro (polo freddo) AC

    Graphical Display 240 x 64 pixel that point out set points when power supply is in stand-by mode, the output values when the power supply is on and the temperature of power state

    Push button allowing to keep the power supply in stand- by mode or enable the output only when requested

    Push button allowing to change the presentation value from numeric mode in analogical graphical mode on LCD display

    A – F – V – ON
    Push buttons allowing of programming the use mode of the power supply (local mode and remote mode)

    Push button that allows to program the remote mode of control that you need and LEDs to show selected choose

    BNC Connector with output ±10 V, to show the output
    voltage with ratio 38 : 1



    “General Purpose Analog Control” connector to program remotely the Power Source with 0 ÷ 10 Vdc analog optically isolated voltage for all remote functions and to read proportional to Voltage and
    Current feed-back and to enable
    RS232/USB (option)
    Connectors for digital programmingBNC connectors
    Connectors for analog programming+/L -/N
    Output plugs di uscita

    Fig. 1 Vpp : 276 - Vrms: 95.8 - Fr: 10kHz

    Fig. 1 Vpp : 276 – Vrms: 95.8 – Fr: 10kHz

    Fig. 2 Arbitrary graph: 20 V/div - 100 ms/div

    Fig. 2 Arbitrary graph: 20 V/div – 100 ms/div

    Fig. 3 Vpp: 314 - Fr: 400 Hz - 2.5 ms/div

    Fig. 3 Vpp: 314 – Fr: 400 Hz – 2.5 ms/div

    Fig.4 Vpp: 314 - Fr: 400 Hz - 2.5 ms/div

    Fig.4 Vpp: 314 – Fr: 400 Hz – 2.5 ms/div

    Fig. 5 Vpp: 310 - Fr: 2 kHz – 500 μs/div

    Fig. 5 Vpp: 310 – Fr: 2 kHz – 500 μs/div

    Dana MPS Series Monophase Models

    3 Year Warranty!