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Part Number or Numbers

DAMS 5000/6000/7000- 2-axis, 10lbs (4.5kg) or 20lbs (9kg)


Diamond Engineering DAMS 5000/6000/7000

Diamond Engineering DAMS 5000 6000 7000 Series

The DAMS x000 (5000/6000/7000) Series is a highly versatile multi-axis antenna measurement system suited for devices up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) for DAMS 5000, or 20 pounds (9 kg) for DAMS 6000 or 7000. The non-metallic, belt-driven head provides a low-reflection environment ideal for electrically small or omni-directional antennas.


Key Features and Functions

2D & 3D Measurements (DAMS 5000 will perform partial 3D without Pro software upgrade)

Far Field Parameters (gain, beam width, efficiency, directivity, polarization, isolation, and more)

OTA Measurements (TRP/TIS)

Phase Center Measurements

Spherical Near Field (optional)



Dual-axis movement

Precision rotary joint

Extremely high resolution (up to 0.0625º steps azimuth and 0.10º steps elevation)

20 pound weight capacity

Complete 1+ year warranty (model dependent)


What’s Included?

The standard D6050 package features:

  • 2-axis positioner
  • DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio
  • Precision RF cables
  • Precision dual rotary joints
  • DUT mounting hardware
  • Tools and documentation
  • 1-year warranty (model dependent)


Positioner Operating Specifications

Frequency Ranges: DC to 6 GHz (DAMS 5000)
  DC to 18 GHz (DAMS 6000)
  DC to 40 GHz (DAMS 7000)
Platform Movement: Horizontal 1.8 degree precision stepper motor with low-noise belts
  Up to 0.125º azimuth resolution (DAMS 5000)
  Up to 0.0625º azimuth resolution (DAMS 6000/7000)
  360º continuous azimuth range
  ± 45º elevation range at 0.10º per step
  Vertical precision hybrid linear actuator
Platform Max Speed: 30 R.P.M. azimuth
  120º per minute elevation
Platform Mounting: Velbon tripod with fluid pan head
  Standard 1/4″-20 tripod threads (horizontal or vertical)
Weight Capacity: 20 lbs. maximum @ level position (capacity decreases with angle)
Drive train: Azimuth: stepper motor with belt transmission
  Elevation: stepper hybrid non-captive lead screw
Cable Interface: Ultra-high quality cable with SMA connectors (all “K” connectors on model 7000)
  Ultra-precision, ultra-low noise rotary joint with SMA (female)
Special Options(*): Acrylic thrust plate (additional cost for aluminum)
  Digital level for precise setup
  Ultra-high resolution option
  Positioning laser for long range alignment
  Vertical alignment tool
  DAMS Software Studio Pro
  Advanced processing module
  Technical support (all systems)
Warranty: 1-year on parts and labor (DAMS 5000)
  3-year on parts and labor (DAMS 6000/7000)

(*) = included with DAMS 6000/7000 models


Controller Operating Specifications

Control Methods: DAMS Antenna Measurement Software
  Customer written software with serial communication (requires Platform Development Kit)
Interface: Hybrid USB/serial
Input Power: 24V 1.6A switched power supply
Analyzer Interface: GPIB controller card (not included)


Physical Properties

Width: 12” (30.5 cm) without tripod
Height: 5” (12.5 cm) turntable only
  Min: 35” (88.9 cm) with vertical movement assembly and tripod
  Max: 72” (182.88 cm) with vertical movement assembly and tripod
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.2 kg) (without tripod and vertical assembly)
  9 lbs. (4.1 kg) (with tripod and vertical assembly)
Positioner Composition: Acrylic 87%
  Stainless steel 5%
  Aluminum 5%
  Misc. plastics/metals 3%
Tripod Composition: Aluminum and plastic


Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp: 0º C to 45º C (32º F to 104º F) (with no condensation)
Transport Temp: -40º C to 60º C (-40º F to 140º F) (no condensation within 72 hours)



Unless otherwise specified, all standard model packages include the positioner, software, all RF components, AUT mounting hardware, and tools and documentation.

Model Frequency Range
DAMS 5000  DC to 6 GHz
DAMS 6000  DC to 18 GHz
DAMS 7000  DC to 40 GHz



DFSM5-xx Full Spherical Mount (5 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DFSM10-xx Full Spherical Mount (10 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DFSM25-xx Full Spherical Mount (25 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DPA-LASERTOOL-B Laser alignment tool
DPA-DIGILEVEL Digital level
PT-DMS-THRUSTP-ACR Larger thrust plate
(12″ acrylic, 0.350″ thick)
PT-DMS-THRUSTP-ALM Larger thrust plate
(12″ aluminum, 0.25″ thick)
OPT-ENC Encoder feedback capability
DPA-PDK DAMS Platform Development Kit
OPT-SMA Software maintenance agreement



DEPC-D Pre-configured PC (desktop)
DEPC-L Pre-configured PC (laptop)
DE-SIM DAMS Antenna & Network Simulator software add-on
DPA-SW-N2F Spherical near field processing
DPA-AUTOPOL 18 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DPA-AUTOPOL-40 40 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DE-05xx Broadband reference horn 500 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz
DE-07xx Broadband reference horn 700 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz


Product documents

Diamond Engineering DAMS 5000, 6000, 7000 Data Sheet

DAMS Software Suite Users Manual and Setup Guide

Diamond Engineering DAMS Antenna Measurement Systems Guide