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Schwarzbeck ISO 11452-9 Antenna Set

ISO 11452-9 defines a number of antennas to test immunity against handy transmitters.
Schwarzbeck ISO 11452-9 Antenna Set - Case with TSA and SBA 9113 and NJ 420

Schwarzbeck ISO 11452-9 Antenna Set - Case with EGG antennas
The following table lists the described antennas included in the ISO 11452-9 Antenna Set.

Item name


HLC 27

Helical T-antenna 26.96-27.4 MHz

HLC 146

Helical T-antenna 144-148 MHz

HLC 170

Helical T-antenna 169.8-173 MHz

FAN 405

Folded antenna 380-430 MHz

TSA 385

Tuned sleeve antenna 373-397 MHz

TSA 400

Tuned sleeve antenna 387-419 MHz

TSA 415

Tuned sleeve antenna 407-423 MHz

TSA 430

Tuned sleeve antenna 425-435 MHz

TSA 455

Tuned sleeve antenna 437-470 MHz

FAN 450

Folded antenna 430-470 MHz

TSA 880

Tuned sleeve antenna 806-956 MHz

EGG 900

Monopole antenna 890-915 MHz

TSA 1750

Tuned sleeve antenna 1.2-1.95 GHz

EGG 1860

Monopole antenna 1710-2025 MHz

PCD 2440

Monopole antenna 2402-2480 MHz

SBA 9113 without

small Biconical Element

Balun of flat element antenna 360-2700 MHz

420 NJ

Flat elements for balun SBA 9113 360-2700 MHz

Spacer 50

Distance foam piece 50 mm


To hold the antennas

RG 223/U N-BNC

w. clamp on Ferrites

Coaxial cable with Ferrites towards the antennas


PCD antennas

Case for the antennas with cube style plastic housing

CCA for TSA and SBA

Case for the tuned sleeve and SBA antenna

SBA 9119

Small biconical microwave antenna 1 – 6GHz, 20W. CIS/A/648/CDV CISPR
16-1-4 Site evaluation above 1GHz, including transport case.

Elements of 9119

Original conical elemenst of SBA 9119 (are included in the SBA 9119 standard scope of delivery)

422 NJ

Elements for radiated immunity caused by handy transmitters for SBA 9119.

Spacer 30 for 422 NJ

Spacer for 422 NJ. Test distance 30 mm.


Schwarzbeck Passive Magnetic TX Loop Antenna HFRA 1356 Data Sheet Schwarzbeck ISO 11452-9 Set Data Sheet

Road vehicles — Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy


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