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Automotive Supply Simulation System

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Automotive Supply Simulation System

PAS 5000 GN Kfz

Automotive Supply
Simulation System

Test pulses and voltage variations according to ISO standards and manufacturer specifications

The modular simulation system is very well designed to perform immunity tests with a pulse characteristic and with line coupling injection according to the following standards:

ISO 7637, ISO 16750-2, ISO 21848
as well as manufacturer specific specifications from
BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSA, Renault, SAE, VW
The system contains a 2/4 quadrant amplifier as a source and a test pulse generator including a software package SPS Automotive for testing and reporting.
As additional components a high voltage tester and a relay coupling field are available.
Operating ranges are:
U:0…60V / I:0…1000A / P:0…30kW for 12V, 24V and 42V systems

The modularly constructed Automotive Supply Simulation System is a compact EMC-Test System for the execution of immunity measurements for pulse-shaped, line conducted disturbances at electronic equipment of motor vehicles. The high performance version enables tests of current-intense consumers or even complete vehicles.

The systems consists of a 2-/4-Quadrant Amplifier, a control unit and a disturbing pulse generator.
  • The 2-/4-Quadrant Amplifier type PAS … /GN/Kfz suits as an adjustable voltage source for automotive supply simulation for 12V, 24V and new 42V especially for the generation of pulse #2b and pulse #4 for all mentioned supply voltages.


  • Optionally, the 2-/4-Quadrant Amplifier and/or a separate Load Dump Generator enable the realization of the comparatively slow disturbing pulses #5 and #7.


  • The disturbing pulse generator CAR-TESTER suits for the generation of pulse-shaped disturbing quantity pulse #1, #2a, #3 and #6.
The Road vehicle test software completes the system to an easy-to-use test equipment for applications in development and testing laboratory.

ISO standards

ISO 7637
Road vehicles -- Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling
Automotive supply simulation system
ISO 16750-2
Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment
Automotive supply simulation system
ISO 21848
Road vehicles -- Electrical and electronic equipment for a supply voltage of 42 V -- Electrical loads
Automotive supply simulation system


Manufacturer's Standards

GS 95002, GS 95003-2
Automotive supply simulation system
Daimler Chrysler
Automotive supply simulation system
Automotive supply simulation system
EMC-CS-2009.1, ES-XW7T-1A278-AC
Automotive supply simulation system
GMW 3097
Automotive supply simulation system

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