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    EMI shielding accessories include RF door, RF window, honeycomb vent, waveguide tube, EMI filter, beryllium copper finger, RF absorber, copper wool, fabric over foam gasket, EMI shielding mesh gasket and so on.

    RF Door MRI Door

    Product Specifications:

    RF door for RF shield enclosure MRI Door for MRI room

    RF door for RF shield enclosure include Single leaf RF door, Double Leaf RF door, Sliding RF door etc.

    RF Window

    Product Specifications:

    Our RF Window with high EMI/RFI/EMC-shielding performance and could be manufactured any dimension which customer required.

    High Performance Power Line Filter

     Product Specifications:

    Our High Performance Power Line Filters are Compact unit easy to install, custom design acceptable 


    Stick On Finger Gasket

    Product Specifications:
    Stick On Finger Gasket , Long life, easy to install,Good electrical conductivity, high tensile elasticity.

    Waveguide Tube

    Product Specifications:
    Steel Waveguide tube and Brass waveguide tube. Widely for RF Shieling room etc.

    Carbon-Based Foam Microwave Absorbers

    RF FOAM Microwave Absorbers

    Ferrite Tile Absorber

    Signal Filter

    Power Filter

    Feedthrough Filter