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    AFJ INSTRUMENTS Company Overview


    AFJ CISPR 16-1-1  FFT EMI Receivers

    AFJ CISPR 16-1-1 and CISPR 14-1 Click Analyzer

    AFJ VDH 30 Test System for Human Exposure MeasurementsAFJ LISN'sAFJ VVL 1530 Van Veen Loop Antenna

    AFJ PAT 20M Pulse Limiter

    AFJ PG5502 Disturbance Analyzer Pulse Generator

    AFJ Instruments is a Milan based, Italian Company whose mission is to respond to the worldwide requirement of innovative, reliable and cost effective instrumentation, to comply with Standards in the domains of EMC, RF Monitoring, Safety Products, Static Power Sources, Electronic Test and Measurement and Industrial Appliances.
    Leading-edge technology, comprehensive product features and competitive price/performance ratio, complement AFJ’s firm commitment to attain full Customer satisfaction.