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    Cells and Chambers, etc. available from Reliant EMC

     GTEM Cell Home Page

    GTEM ITALIA GTEM Family Specifications Matrix

    GTEM 250

    GTEM 400

    GTEM 550 F

    GTEM 750

    GTEM 800

    GTEM 1000

    GTEM 1100 KF

    GTEM 1250

    GTEM 1500

    GTEM 1750

    GTEM 2000

    GTEM 2500

    Accessories for GTEM Cells Matrix

    TEM Cells

    Open TEM Cells

    Laplace Instruments
    · Laplace Cells for Emission and Immunity Testing

    Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik
    · Striplines

    Sanwood Environmental Chambers

    Altitude, Humidity and High and Low Temperature Chambers
    Complex Salt Spray Test Chambers
    Humidity and Temperature Chambers
    Ozone Aging Test Chambers
    Photovoltaic Ultraviolet Aging Test Chambers
    Rain Test Chambers
    Salt Spray Test Chambers
    Sand and Dust Test Chambers
    Three Zone Thermal Shock Chambers
    Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers
    Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets
    UV Aging Test Chambers
    Xenon Lamp Test Chambers
    Xenon Arc Lamp Accelerated Aging Test Chambers – SM-XD-XXXXBattery Test Chambers
    · Battery Overcharge Explosion Proof Test Chamber
    · Temperature Controlled Type Battery Short Circuit Tester
    · Automotive Battery Short Circuit Tester
    · Automotive power battery explosion-proof tester
    · Automotive power battery explosion-proof chamber oven
    · Automotive power battery explosion-proof test machine
    · Battery Crush and Acupuncture testerFrankonia Anechoic Chambers and RF-Shielded Rooms

    Automotive Anechoic Chambers
    ACTC – Automotive Component Testing Chamber
    AVTC – Automotive Vehicle Testing Chamber
    RanLOS – OTA testing with RanLOS (Random Line-of-Sight)
    • SAC-10V – Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber dedicated to Vehicle Tests per ECE R10
    SAC-10Vx – Next generation multi-purpose Anechoic Chambers
    UCC – Ultra Compact Chamber

    Commercial Anechoic Chambers
    CHC – Compact Hybrid Chamber
    CHC Plus – Pre-compliant 3m Compact EMC Chamber
    FAC-3 – Compact Fully Anechoic Chamber
    FAC-3 L – Fully Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber for floor-standing EUT’s
    SAC-3 / FAC-3 Transformer – Semi and Fully Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber transformable combination
    SAC-3 Plus – Semi Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber with dome-shape design
    SAC-5 Square Semi Anechoic 5m EMC Chamber with traditional square design
    SAC-10 Plus – Anechoic Chambers for 10m measuring distance
    SAC-10 Plus Triton Class with TRIPLE Axes Test – Anechoic chamber for 10.0 & 3.0 m measuring distance with triple axes test
    SAC-10/H Hybrid – Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber with Hybrid Absorbers
    SAC-10/P – Pyramid Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber with Long-pyramid P2400 Absorbers
    Shielded Room Modular and pre-fabricated Standard

    Military Anechoic Chambers
    MIL-CHC – MIL Compact Hybrid Chamber
    MIL-STD Chamber – Military Testing Chamber for Vehicles and large EUT’s MIL-STD Chamber advanced – Military Testing Chamber for Vehicles and large EUT’s

    Powertrain Solutions
    Battery & Charging Systems – Battery Testing Solution and High-Power Charging Solution
    Fixed Load Machine with EDTC – Fixed-shaft Load Machine per CISPR 25 with EDTC
    EMC-BlueBox with EDTC-BB
    MEDET – Hydraulic Modular E-Drive Testing per CISPR 25 with EDTC

    Security Chambers
    Cyber Security Chamber – Shielded Rooms for Cyber Security Tests
    Conversation & Meeting Chambers – Bugging-protected
    Reverberation Tent – For use inside existing EMC Chambers
    Select Fabricators JUNO SELECT Key Fob Pouches
    Select Fabricators NOVA SELECT RF/EMI Shielding
    Select Fabricators RF EMI Modular Enclosure
    Select Fabricators RF EMI Portable Enclosures
    Select Fabricators RF EMI Shielding Pouches
    Select Fabricators RF EMI Shielding Tabletop Enclosures
    Select Fabricators RF Shielding Wireless Test Pouches
    Select Fabricators Shielded Forensic Pouches