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    Eurofins York Company Profile Antenna – ARA01KIT01 Small Active Receive Antenna
    Cable Coupling Clamp CCC01KIT01

    Comb Generator Emitters
    Comb Generator Emitter (CGE01)

    • Comb Generator Emitter (CGE02)
    • Comb Generator Emitter (CGE03)

    Comparison Noise Generators

    Comparison Noise Emitter V (CNE V)

    • Comparison Noise Emitter V+ (CNE V+)

    • Comparison Noise Emitter VI (CNE VI)

    Harmonic and Flicker Generator
    Harmonic and Flicker Generator (HFG01KIT01)
    Harmonic and Flicker Generator (HFG02KIT01)

    York Reference Sources (YRS)
    Data Sheets and Manuals
    Eurofins York Price List
    York Reference Source (YRS01) Kits 01 & 02
    • York Reference Source (YRS02) Kits 01 and 02
    • York Reference Source (YRS03) Kits 01 and 02
    • York Reference Source YRS Combination Kit

    Following purchase by the Eurofins Group in July 2017 York EMC Services Ltd has changed its name to Eurofins York Ltd. The formal name change reflects the new ownership as well as the much broader range of regulatory compliance products and services Eurofins York offers today compared to when it was founded in 1995.
    Eurofins York designs, manufacturers, sells and rents unique EMC test equipment that is utilized in EMC test laboratories throughout the world. If your company or yourself uses antennas from the famous Bilog range then you have already come across a product designed at the University of York!

    Bilog antennas were designed at York and are sold under license by Schaffner.
    The Eurofins York range of noise sources known as Comparison Noise Emitters (CNE) are used to verify test and measurement set ups and ensure the validity of test results.
    Eurofins York can also develop an EMC instrument for your particular needs through our design/development service.
    For example, the Comb Generator Emitters were co-developed with Intel to test the shielding effectiveness of small enclosures.
    Eurofins York has a worldwide network of distributors providing local customer support for sales and after-sales service.


    Press Release –
    Reliant EMC Introduces 2 New Combined Noise and Comb Generators from Eurofins York

    Press Release –
    Eurofins York introduces a Combination Kit for their Popular YRS (York Reference Source) line of Noise + Comb Generators