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    Spitzenberger & Spies is one of the leading manufacturers of analog high performance amplifiers for industrial measurement and test systems.
    For 50 years Spitzenberger & Spies has gained extensive experience in fully compliant test solutions for the following applications



    Based on our 4-quadrant linear power amplifiers we are able to simulate all supply voltages from DC to several hundred kHz with power up to the megawatt range.
    Our products are mainly used in development and test laboratories and quality assurance departments.
    Also many certified bodies all around the world rely on Spitzenberger & Spies.


    We are not only a manufacturer; we are a well experienced Solution Partner to our Customers.
    The customer knows his problem – we know how to solve this by using our modules and setting up an individual solution which really fits and helps the customer to get (technically and economical) the best result.
    Across the board we have long term relationships (20 years and more) to our customers, and it is not uncommon to see our products in 24/7 use for 10 years and more.


    More and more internal and external electronic devices are used inside cars and aircrafts.
    All devices are connected to the power bus (i.e. consumer electronics by USB or cigarette lighter). And all devices can interact by sending feedbacks into the power bus. Just think about the light in your car when your battery is low and you turn the starter…
    But even more than this, internal devices with switch mode power supplies may be a heavy challenge for the safe operation of other vital equipment in a vehicle, like navigation or communication devices.


    Therefore simulating and testing in the field of EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) against Immunity and Emission limits gets more and more important.


    We deliver German engineered craftsmanship with experience since 50 Years!
    Most of our amplifiers are based on linear technology. This gives us the advantage of shortest rise times and highest precision and fastest readjusting.
    Our amplifiers can supply every imaginable load.
    Our products are highest quality and have a very long lifetime.
    We offer quick support and help to all our customers worldwide.

    Your prototype is safe in our hands

    Sometimes a car or any other prototype is being “De-Tested”.
    I.e. the test-equipment did send too much power to the EUT so that this did catch fire!
    Some of our new customers did have this issue and did switch to Spitzenberger & Spies because with our experience of decades we developed special electronic inside our equipment to protect the devices under test!
    Imagine what amount of money is in response when a prototype is under test. – Therefore take an experienced and reliable test-system.


    Just a short time ago a very famous German test lab was claimed compensation because of violating control and supervisory duties.
    Do not use any pre-compliance test systems. Take reliable equipment from a manufacturer with deep background knowledge and high skilled engineers who are working hand in hand with the committees (e.g. IEC).


    VDE, TÜV, UL, Bureau Veritas, SIRIM, SISIR, Intertek, …

    Audi, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, GM, Toyota, VW, …

    Airbus, Boeing, DASA, …

    Siemens, Bosch, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, …

    HP, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Canon, Foxconn, …

    The Spitzenberger Spies product line is being enhanced by new analyzers, measurement devices and accessories in order to allow their customers time saving testing and measuring at complete systems.


    Located in Bavaria Germany since its creation in 1963, Spitzenberger & Spies developed the first fully transistor oriented Amplifier in the world.

    • 1963 – Foundation of the company by Carl Spitzenberger and Hans Spies Priority: Transistors as power amplifiers
    • 1964 – First transistor amplifier with a power of 200W
    • 1968 – Three-phase supply systems / control oscillators
    • 1976 – Beginning of the export within Europe
    • 1977 – Relocation to the new premises. first computer controlled devices
    • 1980 – Development of test systems for automatic circuit breakers
    • 1981 – Beginning of the worldwide export
    • 1985 – Increased application of microprocessor technology / IEEE control
    • 1986 – Test systems for the public power supply
    • 1986 – Relocation into the present working area in the industrial district of Viechtach
    • 1986 – Design of a linear amplifier system with a peak power of 0.75MW
    • 1992 – PHE Basic System as mains simulation system and for the measurement of mains reactions
    • 1994 – Amplifier PAS series → the first amplifier to conform with standards on the market
    • 1995 – Basic EMC System with Windows Software®
    • 1996 – Measurement, control and simulation unit: SyCore
    • 1996 – Magnetic field simulation
    • 1998 – Amplifier-integrated measurement and control unit: DDS
    • 1999 – Analyzer Reference System type ARS for the evaluation of mains reactions
    • 2000 – Extensive enlargement of our Basic EMC System according to new standards in the EMC directive
    • 2001 – Automotive Supply Simulation 12V, 24V and new 42V
    • 2003 – 40th anniversary of the company
    • 2007 – Three-phase mains simulation system type DM 90000/PAS/S based upon an invention of our company (applied for a patent in the Munich patent office, titled «Power Amplifier System“, AZ 10 2006 036 481.3)
    • January 01, 2007 – Carl Spitzenberger sen. turned the company into the hands of his sons, Carl jun. and Michael.
    • May 05, 2012 – The found of the company Carl Spitzenberger sen. passed away due to complications with heart valve surgery.