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    GPS Logger - Scale to Human Hand

    The Aaronia GPS Logger is the world ́s first GPS Logger with:
    • 6 Sensors
    • Small & lightweight, weighs just 88 grams
    • Includes PC Software for Windows, MAC OS & Linux
    • Extremely high data rate of approx. 35 logs / second
    • Includes microSD case, transport case, adapter, battery
    • Fits directly on each HyperLOG X, EMI and Magnotracker Antennas • 10 years warranty

    Technical data
    The following sensors are integrated in the logger:
    • High End GPS sensor incl. antenna position
    • speed and altitude information with a sensitivity of -165 dBm and accuracy of 1,8m (CEP95)
    • 3D compass with 1-2 degree precision
    • 3D/Triaxial acceleration sensor with up to 4 mg resolution
    • 3D/Triaxial Gyro / Tilt sensor with a sensitivity of 14 LSBs per second Altimeter /
    • Pressure sensor with very high accuracy / resolution and a wide pressure range of 260 – 1260mbar and a height resolution of up to 20cm
    GPS Logger - Package
    Arronia GPS Logger in Carrying Case

    Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Aaronia GPS Logger Data Sheet