Welcome to Reliant EMC, the home of world-class practical EMC tools to handle everything from diagnostics to compliance in EMC testing,from cost effective calibrators to EMI shielding methods, and from AC filtering to EMC training. Reliant EMC also provides unsurpassed customer service along with expert training and consulting on EMI/EMC testing needs. Reliant EMC is a professional leading supplier of technology and expertise to assist engineers with their work from design to compliance with pragmatic and user friendly instrumentation. Reliant EMC provides practical, compact and easy-to-use EMC instrumentation to help you meet current worldwide EMC requirements, and to take a pragmatic down-to-earth approach to electromagnetic compliance for your products. Reliant EMC is your complete EMC resource for all aspects of EMC testing such as diagnostics, testing, compliance and education. Reliant EMC works with manufacturers to change the focus of their product electromagnetic compliance from only working on compliance after the completion of the prototype to preferably perform the electromagnetic compliance testing in every milestone within the design cycle of the project. Manufacturers can save time and money by avoiding delays and expenses associated with non-compliance by integrating EMC into the design cycle, rather than paying attention to it only at the final step prior to manufacturing. Reliant EMC is headquartered in San Jose California and our South American sales office is located in Medellin Colombia. With over 20 Domestic Field Sales Representatives, and 5 South American Field Sales Representatives, Reliant EMC has the personnel and products to assist you with all of your EMC needs


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