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    Kapteos: Your key partner for measuring electromagnetism in harsh environments

    kapteos eoSense with one eoProbe

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    KAPTEOS_SAS_The main advantages of our measuring vector electric field probes

    In todays world, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (or EMF) generated by most electrical devices. To ensure that these devices do not cause interference with other devices, nor cause any health issues, the EMF generated by these devices much be measured to ensure that they meet EMC standards that strive to characterize acceptable limits.


    After more than 15 years of Research and Development, Kapteos offers unique electro-optic probes to measure electric fields in harsh environments. These probes, based on the Pockels effect, are driven via an optoelectronic converter.

    The Kapteos solution addresses worldwide industrial applications, institutes and research centers for measuring E-fields in:

    the presence of High Voltage

    inside Antennas for telecom, marine, aircraft, military

    Cold plasmas

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine


    Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) assessment

    Main Features of the Kapteos E-Field Measurement Solution

    KAPTEOS_SAS_E-field vector in time-domain to sub-msec time scale

    • Vector E-field: 3 axis + phases

    • Frequency bandwidth: 10 Hz to 100+ GHz with sub-nanosecond temporal resolution

    • Dynamic range: 50 mV/m to several MV/m

    • Max E-field: > 10MV/m without damage

    • Spatial resolution: < 1 mm

    • Multi media: Air, Liquids, Gas, Vacuum

    • Compactness: 5 * 35 mm sensing probe

    • Non-invasive: no metal => no impact on E-field

    • Selectivity: > 50 dB Sensitivity: 50 mV/m/√Hz (air, longitudinal probe)

    • Near field: down to 0 mm distance

    • Max B-field: withstand more than 4.7T

    • Operation temperature: 0 to 50°C (probe)

    • AF correction: automatic and real-time

    • Remote distance: up to 100 meters

    • Easy installation: set-up ready in < 5 min


    KAPTEOS_SAS_The Pockels effect

    The Kapteos eoProbes are fully dielectric without any conductive parts. The eoProbes are based on a crystal which refractive index is modified in the presence of an electrical field. A laser beam is sent through the crystal. The laser modulation is changed in accordance with the E-field strength and returned to the converter. The effect is instantaneous and proportional to the E-field magnitude. There is no data loss of the measured field.

    Kapteos has patented the ability of the laser polarization state to be the information carrier, versus optical modulation utilized by traditional optical transmitters.

    Find the correct Kapteos solution for your needs!

    • The Value and Benefits of Electro-optic Technology

    • Kapteos Products

    · eoSense™ Optic to Electro Converter

    · eoProbe™ to measure E-field (EMF)
    · · eoCal™ – eoProbe Calibration

    · · eoLink™ – 100m Fiber optic extension

    · · eoPod™ – eoProbe Articulated Arm and Stand

    Applications (Target Markets)

    · · Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) assessment
    · · Measurement of E-fields in Medium and high voltage (HV) Magnetic Fields
    · · Measurement of Electric Fields Emitted by Antennas
    · · Measurement of E-fields inside Plasma
    · · Measurement of E-fields inside an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine
    · · Measurement of E-Fields in Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)


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