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    Generators available: Full List

    Arbitrary waveform generators (AWG)
    Burst Generators from HILO-TEST
    Comb Generators
    Combination Wave Impulse Voltage Generators from HILO-TEST
    Double Regulation Continuous Current Generators from DANA
    ESD Generators from HILO-TEST
    Front Shopped Wave Generator from HILO-TEST
    Harmonics and Flicker Generator HFG02KIT01 from Eurofins York
    Harmonics and Flicker Generator AC2000A from Laplace Instruments
    High Frequency Disturbance Test Generators from HILO-TEST
    High Voltage Impulse Generators from HILO-TEST
    High Voltage Pulse Generators from HILO-TEST
    High Voltage Pulse Generators from Schwarzbeck
    Linear Continuous Current Generators from DANA
    Multifunction Generators from HILO-TEST
    Power Fail Generators from HILO-TEST
    Ring-wave Generators from HILO-TEST
    Signal Generators from Aaronia
    Signal Generators from Laplace Instruments
    Signal and waveform generators from Spizenberger & Spies
    Sine Wave Pulse Generator from HILO-TEST
    Spectrum Generator from Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik
    Surge Current Generators from HILO-TEST
    Surge Hybrid Generators from HILO-TEST
    Telecom Generator from HILO-TEST

    EMC Generators / Measurement Systems
    CDG 6000 Immunity, 150kHz-230MHz
    CDG 6000_10 Immunity, 10kHz-230MHz
    CDG 6000-75-DC_400 and CDG 6000-75_400
    CWG 1500 Surge / Hybrid Generator
    MGA 1030 Magnetic Field Generator and Analyzer
    CAL 1250 Magnetic Field Calibrator
    PG 01-2000 Pulse Generator
    PGA 1240 Immunity DC – 300kHz
    SFT 1400 Burst Generator 125kHz
    SFT 1420 Burst Generator 2MHz
    VIS 1700 Voltage Interruption Simulator