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    A-INFO-Horn Antenna ACCESORIES

    A-INFO Horn Antenna Accessories

    1. Mounting Brackets

    2. Tripods

    3. Radome

    4. Carrying Cases


    1. Mounting Brackets





    1. Round Type for C Type Standard Gain Horn Antenna.



    2. L Type for C Type Standard Gain Horn Antenna.




    3. For Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna


    2. Tripods (For some horn antenna and some other antennas, pls. ask!)

    Al Alloy Tripod 
    Wooden Tripod
    (P/N: 3033HL)
    Wooden Tripod
    (P/N: 3033QM)

    3. Radome

    1. Foam Radome for Standard Gain Horn Antennas, Pls. ask!

    Anti-dust and Waterproof.

    This is LB-187-15-C-NF with Radome

    Notes: The RF Signal Attenuation after Putting On the Radome is Very Little .
    See Radome Test Data

    2. Aviation Type Radome For Broadband Horn Antennas, Pls. ask!

    No effect on antenna performance, and ultra light.

    This is LB-20180 with Radome

    4. Carrying Cases (For all horns. Safe, Easy to carry and Convenient for storage.)


    Customized horn antenna accessories are available according to detailed requirement.