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    Diamond Microwave Chambers Ltd (DMC) offers the following
    High Performance Absorbers:
    DMC-PP-HY Series of Polypropylene Hybrid Absorbers

    – DMC-PP-MI Series of Polypropylene Broadband Microwave Absorbers
    – DMC-PS Series – 30MHz-40GHz Polystyrene Microwave Absorbers

    DMC-PP-HY Series – 10MHz-40GHz Polypropylene Hybrid Absorbers 

    DMC Expanded Polypropylene Hybrid absorbers for EMC Chambers
    DMC-PP-HY Series Dimensions

    DMC-PP-HY Polypropylene hybrid electromagnetic wave absorber is designed with state-of-the-art to ensure extremely high uniformity of carbon powder density throughout the absorber.
    When used with ferrite tile, the HY series has a broadband operating frequency range starting from 10 MHz up to 40 GHz.
    Our unique carbon powder synthesis technique ensures repeatable and predictable test results, almost zero carbon dust, clean test sites and low maintenance cost.

    Designed to be used in EMC chambers, the HY Series absorber has different models based on size : DMC-PP-HY-300, DMC-PP-HY-500and DMC-PP-HY-750

    DMC-PP-HY Series Specifications
    DMC-PP-HY Series Benefits and Key Points
    DMC-PP-HY Series Physical Properties

    DMC-PP-HY Series Certifications

    DMC-PP-HY Series Typical Reflectivity in dB over Frequency
     DMC-PP-HY Series – 10MHz~40GHz Polypropylene Hybrid Absorbers Data Sheet

    DMC-PP-MI Series – 60MHz~80GHz Polypropylene Broadband Microwave Absorbers 

    DMC-PP-MI Series - 60MHz~80GHz Polypropylene Broadband Microwave Absorbers

    DMC-PP-MI series are broadband high performance polypropylene based absorber that covers frequency from 60MHz to 80GHz . The appearance and characteriscs are similar to HY series, but MI series has been specifically designed for best performance in Microwave frequency range. Therefore, this series of absorbers are highly preferred for Antenna Pa ern Measurement (APM), Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), Radar Cross Secon (RCS) and Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) applicaon.

    Depending on the application, MI series can cover lower frequency band without going with ferrite tile In such case, the size and height of the absorber should be large enough to cover lower frequency band.

    MI series can also be installed on the floor for tesng VSWR in EMC chambers.In addion to implemenng pseudo-free space at microwave frequency, MI series can be used for Semi- anechoic chamber. Based on size we have different models, DMC-PP-MI-300, DMC-PP-MI-500 and DMC-PP-MI-750.

    DMC-PP-MI Series Overview

    DMC-PP-MI Series Key Points

    DMC-PP-MI Series Physical Properies and Certifications

    DMC-PP-MI Series Typical Reflectivity in dB over Frequency

    Part number reference: DMC-PP-MI-300, DMC-PP-MI-500 , DMC-PP-MI-750

     DMC-PP-MI Series – 60MHz~80GHz Polypropylene Broadband Microwave Absorbers Data Sheet

    DMC-PS Series – 30MHz-40GHz Polystyrene Microwave Absorbers 

    DMC PS Series

    DMC Polystyrene hybrid absorbers are high performance carbon loaded absorbers with operang frequency range 30 MHz to 40 GHz. These absorbers are opmized to be used with ferrite les in EMC chambers. It’s close cell structure provides more stable performance and hygroscopic.

    • Made by mold giving uniform and precise fitting
    • Easy to install, plug-in pyramids
    • No reflective edges, as the bases interlock provides 100% coverage
    • Fire retardant to UL94 HBF, DIN4102-B2, En11925
    • Clean room ; class ISO 14644-1
    • ROHS and REACH compliant
    • High wear and tear resistant
     25 years life

    Designed for use in
    • EMC Chambers

    • Antenna Measurement Chambers
    • MIL-STD 461 military product test chambers
    • Radar Cross Section, RCS Chambers


    DMC PS Series Physical Properties and Performance Matrixs


    DMC PS Series Dimensions -

     DMC-PS Series – 30MHz-40GHz Polystyrene Microwave Absorbers Data Sheet