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    DC Bias Source DBS-50D 50A, 10mA steps

    Bias Source DBS-50D 50A, 10mA, steps

    • Precise Control at each 10mA Steps from 0A to 50A
    • Frequency Response 10kHz~30MHz
    • Adaptable to use with Impedance Analyzer or LCR Meter

    EMCIS DC Bias Source DBS-50D

    Key Features

    • Analysis of Functional Characteristics of Inductor or Core

    • Precious Control at each 10mA steps from 0A to 20A

    • Wide Option covering 10kHz~30MHz Frequency range

    • Use with Impedance Analyzer or LCR Meter

    • Insertion Loss Measurement (Max 100MHz)

    • Useful for inductor and core products feature design.
    • Quality control of Inductor and Cores

    System Configuration

    EMCIS DBS-20D System Configuration


    Frequency Range L ,Z: 10KHz~30MHz
    Frequency Range Attenuation: 10KHz~100MHz
    Output Current Range 0~50A  Steps of 10mA
    Measured L , Z , Attenuation
    Power supply AC 220V 60Hz
    Operating Temperature 0~35 ℃
    Dimensions (W X H X D) mm W: 530   H: 215   D: 539
    Weight 58kg



    • DBS-03CB, SMA-MM-400, DBS-03CL (10KHz ~ 5MHz)
    • DBS-03EB, N20-MM-600, DBS-03EL (10KHz ~ 30MHz)
    • DBS-003A : Insertion Loss (10KHz ~ 100MHz)
    • BNC-MM-1000 : BNC to BNC Cable (1m)
    • DBS-Terminal : Terminal type connector
    • DBS-SMD : SMD Measurement


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