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    Automotive Power Battery Tester

    Automotive power battery explosion-proof tester

    Automotive power battery explosion-proof test machine

    Automotive power battery explosion-proof tester Test Purpose: Remote controlling large current and short circuit device is designed by combining various battery short circuit test standard requirements, i.e. it conforms to such standards and codes as GB/IEC/EN/UN38.3/UL; according to the standard requirements, the short circuit device must conforms to the internal resistance range far less than 5mΩ so as to achieve the maximum short circuit current required by the test. Meet the standards: IEC60086-4 ,2000UL1642-2007 ,UL2054 ,UN38.3 ,YD/T1268.1-2003 ,QB/T2502-2000 ,IEC62281-2004 Specifications:



    Maximum short circuit current

    500A,1000A,1500A adjustable

    Internal resistance of device

    ≤ 5milliohm

    Dc response time


    Remote controlled distance

    7m, no solid block

    Temperature range

    20°C~ +80°Cadjustable

    temperature fluctuation


    temperature Distribution deviation


    Refrigeration system

    French «taikang» compressor

    Working voltage

    AC220V 50/60HZ

    Short circuit time

    1~9999s adjustable

    Machine size

    W600 X D600 X H970mm

    Anti-explosion Chamber size


    Machine weight