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    Mains Input
    115 or 230 or 400 Vac ± 10% 50-60 Hz

    Line regulation
    better than 50 ppm of rated output V max for the allowed input variation

    Load regulation for constant V
    from no load to full load better than 50 ppm of rated output V

    Load regulation for constant I
    better than 100 ppm of I max from “0” to V max .

    Overload Protection (OL)
    Overload alarm in case of current output exceeding rated current with “OL” led

    Short circuit Protection
    Electronic controlled which immediately disable the output

    Display “LCD”
    Displays the peak values

    Remote programming and feed-back (GPAC)
    Opto-insulated analog signal 0÷10Vdc
    Linearity better than 0.3% Drift better than 1.5mV/°C

    after 20 minutes of preheating, better than 2 mV/°C for 24
    Hours at 25°C

    Temperature coefficient
    lower 50 ppm/°C in “voltage mode”;
    lower 100 ppm/°C in “current mode”

    Ambient temperature
    work 0÷40°C
    storage -10÷75°C

    forced air


    DANA Linear Amplifier

    DANA Linear Amplifier – DLA Series


    Output Voltage
    Adjustable by keyboard from zero up to max rated voltage with resolution of 0,1 V (f.s. of 50V) and 1V (f.s. over 50V). Through remote command GPAC, it has a resolution of 0,01V

    Output Current
    Adjustable by keyboard from zero up to max rated current with resolution of 0,1A with f.s. of 10A and of 1A with f.s. over 10A. With GPAC, it has resolution of 0,01A

    Output Frequency
    Adjustable by keyboard from 0 up to 400 Hz (if you set “000” is available the DC output)

    Special frequency 16.66 Hz
    It is adjustable by code n° “1000”

    Distortion in AC mode
    better than 0,5%

    Ripple and noise (DC)
    lower 10 ppm (rms) of rated output V, measured in V mode


    Output Voltage
    It can be programmed through external signal by BNC connector “EXT GEN” up to max rated voltage value

    Output Current
    It can be programmed through external signal by BNC connector “EXT GEN” up to the max rated current value

    Output Frequency
    see SLEW RATE diagram

    With AC output: 0,3% more than distortion of external generator

    Ripple and noise (DC)
    With DC output: 50 ppm of the rated Voltage more than max ripple of external generator




    Stand-by push button. It works for generator section and for amplifier section with a status LED for each one

    To select the amplifier working mode (current amplifier –
    voltage amplifier). The selection is indicated by the LED lit.

    push-button available for any additional functions on customer’s request. This command is repeated on the connector located on back panel and a LED shows the push button state

    To select the working “Mode” as generator press on “Local” and GPAC – RS232 or as amplifier using EXT GEN function.
    All functions are shown by switch-on of their “LED”


    EXT. GEN – IN (BNC) Connector
    Signal input (± 10 Vp) to be amplified within the limits of rated date – opto-insulated connector

    Monitoring output connector 0 – 10 V

    Output plugs to use up to 5A of current

    Show the set values when the DLS is on stand-by

    Numerical Keyboard
    Parameter output’s configuration in generator mode



    DIN Plug
    For mains input 230 Vac up to 1200 VA; in alternative cable for 3-phase mains input

    GPAC Connector
    With signals 0 ÷ 10 V you can manage the remote mode or the output voltage and current regulation and by a TTL signal (0 / 5 V) ON condition or stand-by. It provides V and I feedback through 0 ÷
    10 V signal.
    All available signals are opto-insulated.

    Connector X – Y:
    It allows command duplication that it can be activated by push buttons X and Y allowing use by remote mode
    Digital interface connectors

    Output Plugs
    They are available in models with output current over 6 A

    DANA Linear Amplifier Output Values of different configuration

    DANA Linear Amplifier – DLA Series Output Values of different configurations


    DANA Linear Amplifier Output Values of different configurations 2
    DANA Linear Amplifier – DLA Series Output Values of different configurations

    DANA Linear Amplifier Slew Rate Limitation Bandwith

    DANA Linear Amplifier – DLA Series Slew Rate Limitation Bandwidth



    The linear amplifier for industrial purposes “DLA” is a very versatile device since it can amplify signals ranging from +10 V to –10V with a reaction time up to 8 V/µs on output. Featuring a voltage limiter and a current limiter, it can work both as current amplifier and as voltage amplifier. Application range is wide, including to amplify noises to be superimposed on EUT in order to evaluate their immunity against some mains noises.


    For this purpose we show some diagrams being feasible with our amplifier as application examples.


    DANA Linear Amplifier application waveform charts



     3 year Warranty!


    DANA DLA Series Linear Amplifiers DANA DLA Series Linear Amplifiers

    DANA Product Catalog DANA Product Catalog

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