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    Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN) are used for the measurement of conducted electromagnetic interference from 9kHz to 30MHz.

    AFJ offers two LISN’s:
    • The AFJ LS16C/10 16A Single Phase V-Network
    • The AFJ LT32C/10 32A Three Phases V-Network

    AFJ LS16C-10 16A Single Phase V-Network
    AFJ LS16C-10 16A Single Phase V-Network

    AFJ LS32C-10 32A Three Phase V-Network LISN
    AFJ LS32C-10 32A Three Phase V-Network

    The AFJ LISN’s are designed and manufactured compliant to the CISPR 16-1-2 International Standard for measurements of conducted electromagnetic interference in accordance with requirements of EMI International, European and Product standards, 9kHz to 30MHz frequency range, DC Measurements, DC to 63Hz supplies, manual and remote control.

    LISNs are Multi-Line Impedance Stabilization V-Networks, (50μH+5Ω)//50Ω, completed with artificial hand as well as PE simulating network, built-in pulse limiter and 10dB attenuator. LISNs can also be used in DC conducted emission measurements.

    The AFJ LISN’s use air coils in the current path in order to avoid saturation effects with high current strengths.

    The continuous high current load-bearing capacity is ensured by the use of large wire cross-sections for the coils.

    The compact form of construction, despite the high current-bearing capacity, makes it easy to use the LISNs for the measurement of high consumer possible.


    In this way, measurements of mains-borne interferences can be carried out under conditions corresponding to practice.


    The CONDUCTOR UNDER TEST ( L1, N or L1, L2, L3, N) can be selected in manual operation via the relevant button on the LISNs front panel.

    In automatic operation, such selection is performed via remote control software of:

    ◆ AFJ FFT 3010 and R3030 EMI Test Receivers

    ◆ AFJ DDA55 Click Analyzer Artificial hand, simulating 510Ω + 220pF impedance in accordance with CISPR 16-1-2 requirements, is provided via a specific outlet on the front panel of the LISNs.


    Whenever the EUT dimensions are such that the protective earth conductor is long enough to show a significant impedance or be close to ¼ of a possible wavelength, or the enclosure has poor conductivity, the test will be performed using the built-in artificial protective earth. LISNs are manufactured with built-in pulse limiter and 10dB attenuator and internal current meter to measure the Switching Operations and EUT absorption current when used in conjunction of AFJ DDA55 Click Analyzer as per CISPR 14-1 requirements.


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