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    AFJ ATTENUATOR and Pulse Limiter

    Why an attenuator and pulse limiter?
    An Attenuator and Pulse Limiter is used during EMI testing to provide input protection to EMI receivers against high spikes coming from a LISN.

    AFJ PAT20M Pulse Limiter

    AFJ PAT20M Pulse Limiter


    The input attenuator, the preamplifier, the pre-selector or input mixer can be destroyed in EUT testing due to a very high spectral density/pulse energy. For high voltages as occur e.g. in LISNs or absorbing clamp measurement, we strongly recommend to make use of the external Pulse Limiter – Attenuator PAT 20M with every kind of EMI Receiver.

    This 20dB attenuator is designed for pulse voltages up to 1Ws, to protect the input receivers. Even using EMI Test systems already protected against spikes, for unknown devices under test, the PAT 20M pulse limiter is strongly recommended.


    PAT 20M Specifications
    • Frequency Range 0Hz-30MHz
    • Low pass filter up to 100MHz

    • Max continuous input power 1W

    • Max pulse input energy 1Ws (500 s)

    • Input / Output VSWR 1.05 / 1.15

    • Characteristic Impedance 50Ω

    • Insertion loss 20dB 0.3dB
    • In / Out RF connectors BNC (female / male)

    • Dimensions 96mm x 28mm x 23mm

    • Weight 70g

    • Nominal Temperature range –10°C to +45°C

    • Storage temperature range –25°C to +70°C


    AFJ R3010 Receiver and PAT 20M

    AFJ R3010 Receiver and PAT 20M


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