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    AFJ-VDH 30 Test System for Human Exposure Measurements to Luminaries

    AFJ VDH 30 Van Der Hoofden Test Head

    AFJ VDH 30 Van Der Hoofden Test Head

    The Van Der Hoofden test head is used to determine the human exposure to radiation caused by luminaries in the frequency range from 20kHz to 10MHz. The measurement is based on the IEC 62493 standard.

    The IEC 62493 standard specifies the exposure of capacitive coupling between lighting equipment and person. This induces current densities that must be measured and evaluated using an EMI receiver and a Van Der Hoofden test head. The AFJ VDH 30 consists of an electrically conductive sphere of 210mm diameter, a connection line of 300mm length, a protection network for the EMI receiver and a wooden tripod.

    The EMI receiver measures a voltage across 50Ω.
    It must be connected to the N connector of the protection network. To determine the compliance of a luminary to the standard the measured voltages must be converted into induced current densities. The measured densities must be expressed in relation to the allowed densities and they must be summed up. The result is a factor called F. A DUT is compliant if F does not exceed 0.85. These calculations can be done with the software provided with the equipment.


    Design: Fully compliant to IEC 62493
    Frequency range: 20kHz÷10MHz Output impedance:
    50Ω Connector:
    N female Operating temperature: 0° to 45°C Storage temperature:
    -20° to 70°C Diameter of the sphere:
    210mm Weight: 8kg
    Tripod: Wooden support with
    height adjustment

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